Why can't I collect the Express Event T3 rewards on my main?

It is nice that you give people the ability to use the event as intent. But they gained a huge advantage by collecting the T3 rewards on there main.

People who took the time to research the event won’t be able to collect the T3 rewards on there mains.

Am I missing something? Am I being punished?

Same goes for the Feiton PowerPass. You just release stuff and change everything afterwards.

What do you mean? Express Event does not provide any T3 materials afaik.

Also what do you mean with the Feiton Power Pass?

Express event does give you T3 mats after you finish the 4th tier.

I see, I still don’t see the issue though, the moment you have claimed one of the rewards you cannot switch any more.

You need to do t2 guardians to even complete the fourth tier which would make you lose mats overall. What are u complaining about?

You lose barely anything. I ran 6 T2 guardians on my 1370 lance, it was well worth it for the amount of stuff you get. Who cares about a few days of leaps.

A new alt at t3 vs some mats

This is a troll attempt to the players that miss the event?

Because the end reward isnt for materials for your main, its for the character you chose to use the express event on.

Wasn’t the final chest with all the T2 goodies roster bound? :thinking::thinking:

you mean the “huge advantage of 1500 guardian stones”? That’s nothing to speak about really.

And for those “educated”, like myself, those mats were needed on the new alt anyway for their way to 1340.

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Ding ding ding, we have a winner folks.

just start it on ur main now before the patch goes live if its such a dealbreaker for u? XD

Unless we’re looking at different things. There’s literally ZERO t3 mats in the express rewards. Oh the ones from passing level 4. yea u have to chest preview to see em all.