Why cant i delete secret maps. (cosmetic question aswell)

I found some secret maps, and they fill up my inventory. I have no idea where they want me to go since I cant see where it is. I just want them out of the way to get more space, but they cant be deletet. And they cant be sold either.

I want an option to remove those if its possible.

There are very limited cosmetic, more precise 2 different cosmetics, why arent there more? I dont like the look of the 2 there is. And I dont like the look at the blue gear I have from chaos dungeon.
Since its a free to play game, I thought the shop would swim in cosmetic items. I would be happy to pay for some cool skins, if they did exist. With only 2 skins all players in the game would end up looking the same, And what about weapon skins aswell. Btw im playing Sorceres. One of the skins look like a xmas outfit in short skirt. and the other just looks boring.

Amazon has to sift through them to see which need to get “fixed” before they are brought here. Just my assumption, but nothing else makes sense. Lol

Edit - What Roxx stated in another post makes sense to me for why they are not adding in more atm. But not why they didn’t start with more. So I’ll just wait and see what they do.