Why can't I gift anything from the shop? Why can't we buy name change tickets with Blue Crystals? Name Reserved 60 days / Price for name change tickets is predatory

I don’t know why I can’t gift anything from the shop to a friend or a second account. I also don’t understand why we can’t spend gold for blue crystals on things like Character Name Change. Instead we have to pay $25 CAD before taxes to get a name change because of a system that once a character hits level 11, if the name is deleted you can’t use it for 60 days until its released.

  1. Hitting level 11 happens before you even leave Prideholm
  2. You can’t get the feel for a character and see all his basic skills until level 40

I can’t help but think the price of name change tokens and this archaic hold the name for 60 days after hitting level 11 is purely planned and the most disgusting greedy practice I’ve ever seen from a game company. Not to mention the limited vendors to get honing materials so people feel forced to spend thousands on crystals to catch-up wasn’t done on purpose (thats’s for another day).

Amazon Games has honestly became the worst thing to happen to gaming, I don’t know who runs you but your practices are more predatory than hiding everything behind loot boxes.

This is the most anti gamer game. The honey moon is over, I see this game and company for what it is.