Why can't we choose which language we play in?

So, the game is a Korean game.

This game on steam lets you choose English, French, German, and Spanish, but why can’t I play in Korean.

I’m sorry, but some of the characters’ names and dialogues don’t have the same ‘feel’ when I read in English.

Is it because Amazon needs to buy the Korean language licence before publishing so they “can’t” do it? Or is it something else? Do they actually have any plans to add other languages to the game?

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if you go to the lost ark store page there is a korean voice over pack.
also ingame if you go to “audio” settings you can select korean voice language.

i have not tried these myself but they are options to try out and see if that is what you were looking for.


I use korean voice in the game.
with english subs

@Gama2022 @Slacker
Thanks for the recommendation. However, I’ve tried the vo but it’s not enough. There’s a lot of scenes which the VO does not work. Also I want to read via Korean. The UI looks much cleaner when in Korean (I’ve already played in korean server). I just can’t see a rational of why Amazon can’t / won’t give us the option of playing a Korean game in korean. There’s option of playing in English, French, Spanish etc but why not Korean?

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Probably because it makes sense to find people who speak English, French, Spanish, etc in NA/EU. It’s common sense that Korean speakers/reader/enjoyers only exists in Korea. /s :person_shrugging:

That said, I want Japanese. But that’s more of a hurdle and may remain a dream forever…

I see. Too bad man :confused: atleast u have korean voice. sadge

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I mean seriously, the file is already there within the game. (along with all other classes and skins that amazon is saying there is not) It’s probably going to be easier than having English version of the game.