Why cant we have the new classes like Slayer ASAP?

As we know, Slayer is currently scheduled to be release after the specialist class.

This means that the Steam version of LA will always receive new classes approx 6 months or more later than the KR version. We jumped on Twitch to watch KR streamers playing Slayer for half a year and got familiar with their playstyles and copy it. Not to mention the engravings, skill and gem sets are all copiable from Loawa when Slayer gets released. Sounds like the Western players will never experience the fun of exploring the best build and play style by ourselves with a new class. What a pity!!!

I would highly recommend AGS to push the Slayer relase in the Anniversary update in Feb 23, as there should be no problem with Slayer skins as opposed to the potential auditing process with the specialist skins.


how asap u want? we already getting artis asap in 1 years only.


Well, releasing classes one by one since the game launch was questionable. Imaging ppl want to main Summoner from the beginning have to play other classes for 10 months before start building their favoured character. If u choose to start playing when your main get released (like summoner in Dec 22), u will fall behind for months on the horizontal contents like rune, cards, skill points and rapport etc. If AGS’s point is to release express event aline with the class release, it make no difference if all class gets release at once and give players express event in a certain interval. This way players can at lease start with their favoured class at the beginning and build their alts with those express event.

I understand that release old skins before the latest ones is becuase the old skins still have some values. If they get released with the lastest skins, most of ppl will buy the lastest one and ignor the old ones.

I also understand that slowly releasing content like legion raids is because AGS does not want players to have an impression that they are pushing too hard on players to buy mats using real money to reach the entry ilvl or making players live in LA to farm mats with tones of alts.

But I dont understand why withholding the new classes. It creates no benefit to the publisher nor the developer.

well its their decisions to play when main released… they knew they already falling behind…
everything in this game is optional.

they can always play later. will still make a progress soon or later.

Artist enjoyers have been waiting since the start so now is your turn to wait for slayer in 2024 :wink:

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OP, i hope you have to wait 1 year and 2 months for Slayer to come out :pouting_cat:

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Slayer next? we got artist in april, then when hakkan releses we get aeromancer. i think slayer will be like not for a while.

imagine releasing classes with legion raids. Stonks

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Yeah i hate it, like just one week, atleast just one week to enjoy the new class befor im locked into a new raid i have to learn.

dont expect slayer to come out in 2023

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you can make the exact same argument for artist and aeromancer. So why should slayer be treated differently then those two?

Do you know how earnings work? They make money when they release a class. Delaying those releases ensures that the revenue is spread out giving the “appearance” that it’s constant and consistent. That’s really why classes are considered “content.”