Why can't we knowledge transfer without character limits?

AG/SG’s stance on game progression is so mismatched, unclear, and contradictory.

You guys flood NA/EU version with honing mats and events, for which I am truly grateful (please keep em coming).

You guys want us to make more alts.

SG (especially Gold River) clearly envisions for a global build in which all regions are caught up to Korea.

Yet why are you kneecapping us with knowledge transfer? Why is it that you can only knowledge transfer once for every character that you do complete?

What truly is the purpose of placing this limitation on knowledge transfer, other than to hinder fast progression?

Nobody wants to do the same boring quests over and over and over again. There is already enough content to be had without wasting time doing these quests over and over again.

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They need to move the Vern transfer up again. The fixes to char slot extension does nothing otherwise