Why can't we Q with our friends in Arena?

The best PVP and most enjoyable I have ever played was PVP where you could Q up as a team with friends on voice. I really hope you find a way to add this feature into the game.

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Non-rated team deathmatch you can queue with a group of 2-3.
Co-op battleground you can queue with a group of 3 or 6.

To clarify, I mean competitive arena / ranked.

i guess you hadn’t seen the worst of class stacking yet.
If pre-made competitive is allowed, you’d see people running the cheapest stacked combo every match, and everyone else’s experience is shit.

Pre-made teams bring scripted PvP. It becomes boring and repetitive.
It’s way more fun like this. Random teams, unscripted.

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because good 3 man stacked lobby with voice can nearly destroy any other random group and that makes no sense and it would create a disadvantage for the randoms. And creating different queues makes no sense in an MMO because not enough players for multiple modes

Its to prevent your friends from getting pwned :smirk:

Clearly if classes and comps were balanced, this would be allowed. But they are not and doing so would literally force 80% of the class roster out of that que. It will all be sorc arti dblade pally variaties only.

Say you never pvped in a game before.

Also people already do that now, people that pvp know what the broken classes are and use those to their advantage.

Normally games do teams queued together vs teams queued together.
That happens in non-ranked already.

Because they don’t want us steamrolling everyone, forcing them to quit and rethink the last year of their lives.

I fucking hate solo queue

It would be ok only with separate ranking. With premades u would only see palas, sorc and DB maybe from time to time arti instead sorc.

haha, you know what, you know everything about pvp, you are master of game design, and you know everything. Why would i bother posting in this, hahaha

Everyone talks about “muh class balance” and there are a few select ppl that will defend “class balance” to their dying breaths. The truth is tho, without any judgement or emotion, this games balance is so broken they literally cannot implement premade 3v3’s because it will push 80% of the classes out of the meta.

You literally CANNOT deny this.

Class balance and composition balance are 2 different things, so far i didnt saw even a single person which say that composition balance is good. The classes are clearly not balanced around compositions in my opinion.

Also will you ever answer the questions asked to you? Or you will ignore it as usual because its more convenient to you just to throw out stuff which you cannot prove and rating bash people while you hide your rating…

question was why cant we q with our friends in arena. answer is classes are rly unbalanced so meta will form and push 80% of classes out of meta. Something about this answer is toxic. kekw stay salty

I am not talking about that question , i am talking about that me and other people asked you for your rating and you ignore it, while you were rating bashing me … Some of your messages even got deleted by the mods because you were elitist and toxic.

We asked you to provide some data to back up your claim and you ignored it.

We asked you to elaborate what exactly you think is OP and why … And guess what, you ignored it …

I am not salty just saying the truth about you…

So nice try but we all know what type of person you are…