Why change the game sooo much?

Serious question.

I knew about this game about a week before NA/EU release never anything about the other regions. I’m seriously wondering why, if what I keep reading is correct, that the game is being changed / release alot different here than in RU / KR why??

Why fix something that isn’t broken, if most people say the KR version has worked better than the this version.

Seems stupid for Amazon to change it then come to the forums to ask for feed back for lot of people to say, just do it like KR version?

I agree it’s dumb to ask for feedback on a 3-4 year old game with plenty of feedback available from other versions. However, I doubt that AGS has that much creative control. They are the publisher only, so they communicate to SG about changes. SG makes all the final decisions. A lot of the blame falls on SG as much as AGS.

The changes, which were made to Lost Ark before its release, were not due to player feedback, but were from AGS and their political agenda and mindset.

Hense why some outfits, were censored for no reason as you only wore them for maybe 15 minutes before you changed into something else.

Then of course the black facing of Asian styled NPC to fit a diverse narrative, which again no one even paid a single piece of attention too as we were all spamming G to get through the quest text.

It was wasted development time on something, which AGS felt was so needed.

It’s why no one really trusts AGS to do the right thing for the game, and it’s community.

The community know AGS lies a lot, we’ve seen them be disapproved from their statements directly by SmileGate and even caught Roxx in an outright lie.

But even with all the evidence put in front of people, the white knights are strong in the force of copium and delusion.


Keep in mind that they didnt release that much content at once on korea and russia, they built up from tier 1 so its different

That doesnt mean i feel like there is some questionable/greedy management going on the West release