Why Chaos Line exchange is gated at 1370? And all rewards are character bound?

Not sure why, but the exchange gives 170 character-bound honor leapstones, and require at least ilvl 1370 to exchange… 170 honor leapstones are equivalent of 34 great honor leapstones that characters over 1370 really need. I don’t think the reward makes any sense with the small amount… almost negligible…
I’m guessing those stones will be roster bound in KR and can be shared with alts for better uses. Hope AGS can change this to either roster bound or lower the exchange gating to 1340. Otherwise, the rewards won’t help much with character progressions.


You get to 1340, do south vern on a 1340 character then use the roster bound materials from the chaos line to get the mats on your alt. Helps alt get to 1370 that way.

I’m talking about the meaning of the exchange. As all the rewards are character bound instead…

Just purchase it on the alt. It’s the same thing. It’s relatively easy to get to 1340 if you have the stronghold buff.

The exchange is gated, only characters >1370 can get the reward :frowning:

Ah, did not know. that does suck. Hope it isn’t like this in KR since there is no way to get the rewards for an alt then to push to 1370.

Yeah, I’m trying to bring AGS’s attention here so this can potentially be improved.

@Shadow_Fox do you mind explaining why it’s designed like this?

This is really wierd at least I tried only with one box oh leapstones to test if I would be able to put it in roster storage. And it doesnt work. No idea why it is not the same as anguish isle.

The Fragmented bloodmagick stones are not character bound though

How do you purchase it on 1340 alt, if you need 1370 ilvl to do it?

They made a point, why they put honor stones that are locked behind 1370 ilvl, which are not used anymore at that ilvl. They are character bound so you cant just put them in the bank etc. You cant buy them with ur 1370> alt.


i stand corrected

Thats how it is in KR.

Why would they know? Smilegate designs this.

Careful, we don’t want another meltdown

but your alt cant buy it cuz its ilvl gated, rewards should be roster bound 100%

You cant exchange these stones as 1340 ilvl alt coz you need 1370 ilvl to do that. You cant buy these stones on ur 1370+ char and transfer them to ur alt coz they are char. bound.

Check on some alts you get like 1340-1345 from mats from south vern only :slight_smile:

I thought its obvious the chests are roster bound and i buyed the leapstones whit 1385 character what im currently played, and i was not happy wtf i should do with that? now i need to buy it for 4000 gold or farm 2 weeks?

Yeah the concept doesn’t make sense. Normal leaps aren’t really used when you hit 1370, which is the minimum ilvl required to purchase them, yet they are also character bound.

So begs the question, why aren’t they just Greater Leaps instead of normal if they are character bound and require 1370+ to purchase?


Why aren’t they roster similar to Anguished, which you can buy on a 1370+ and used on a lower, or purchase requirement lowered to 1340 and remain character bound?

Also why is it in chests, when generally chests mean they are roster, yet these aren’t.

It makes no sense.