Why did giving out 60+ phoen to every player make Crystal prices go up?

Shouldn’t this make them go down? I dunno much about economics but if you increase the supply of the product and the demand doesn’t change shouldn’t the price of the product go down not up??? On NAE it’s up 250g since last night per 95 Crystals.

Sure not everyone got the pheon but a lot of people did. The point is a lot of the product was added to the game. Plz don’t turn this thread into complaining about not getting your pheon. Those are important threads but let’s stick to this topic you lovely people.

Like if everyone just got 10000 pheon would Crystal prices still go up?

that has nothing to do with it

just procrastinators trying to work on their tripods

tinfoil hat time.

since a bunch of F2P players got a bunch of free pheons while whales spent on it they quit and took their royals with them.

Less supply from whales + more demand from f2p gamba = MOON

it could be a gamba ploy AGS was doing here to get people addicted.

Yeah but there has to be some weight to my point right? like people needed to buy less pheon than without the free stuff right? Crystal prices would have gone up even more without this right?

I wondered if this is a thing. You might be right man. People losing trust in a game if weird stuff happens like this.

What could they do to reduce the price of Crystals then?

The only way is to make brel upgrade come that’s the only way to bring whales + supplies back.

once that hits it’ll go back down

right now whales have nothing to spend on so supply is dry.

You dont even know how it works, dont u?

No we are almost 1 day of patch. Now its the time many people and cuz of maintaince gona FOMO.

No one does except the ones buying gold

That’s why we’re at where we are at

Very few people on NAE claimed the pheons because they were all asleep.

usually after each downtime/server restart, some people try to make more gold by putting higher prices than usual on items. so if engraving book X is 8k gold per book, some people may list it for 10k after restart. same goes for BC.

What was wrong about what he said ?

why did you do it?

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