Why did True Corage get nerft by 10%?

true corage has been +30% more damage, i just saw by now its only 20%, why did it get nerft?

What do you mean? Everywhere I checked say True Courage gives +20% at lvl 3.

yea and it was a month ago 30% took a while to find out why my bard is doing so much less dmg but now i know why, its missing 10%

Bards are still ridiculous at clearing Chaos Dungeons even if they did nerf it by 10%

ive play dps bard also in raids and there are those missing 10% not fun at all, i used to be mvp or gruel fighter every time, but with 10% less dmg as dps bard sucks, sure i have support acces. etc in my inv just in case some may need a supp but mainly i play bard as dps, not so overpowert as dps pala tough but still strong as fuck. but as i said… those missing 10% are mad, its like 50million less dmg in 1 min with 1460. and lv5 gems.

dont understand why they needed to reduces bard overall dps by 10%

I’m not remembering a time that True Courage did 30%.

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