Why did you change the "I Can't Just sit on my Hands" Daily

I usually dont complain but wtf…

Why the heck did you change “i can’t Just sit on my hands” to require the boss? this was a good daily to do for people with lots of alts and now you wanna punish us by making it more difficult to complete? Now this daily is just not worth doing unless you wanna be at the computer 5-6 hours a day to do it on each alt. FFS

This change seems to just worsen the experience for people who F2p as it only makes it that much harder for us to earn instead of just spending money.

Like seriously…wtf

Edit, Correction, forgot Alakkir is on a 2 hr timer, so you’d have to really commit alot of your time just to hit it with multiple characters now…FOR A DAILY…its a stupid change that hurts f2p players.

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Sorry I like the changes cause now I can attempt to get island soul and sea bounties without these dailies ruining the island experience.


Good luck being there by urself when people arent going to do the daily anymore. at least with people doing the dailies, theyd stick around on the last character they’d do the daily on to fight the boss.

And once you get your little island soul…then what? now the island is COMPLETELY useless when before it was a great daily.

Nah now it’s filled with only people who want to do the island, since it’s instance-based and everyone who teleports to that island will be doing it for the soul, instead of RNG-ing your instance and hope at least 3 people stay.


naw its a terrible change and only encourages RMT because why earn leapstones through alts when you eliminate the ability to efficiently do so?

the only other 5 leapstone quests

Hypnos - takes a long time
Prisoner Emancipation - also takes a long time unless you just blow/waste pirate coins by not trying to get 600 females 900 males.

doing a daily thats on a island that spawns every 2 hours is the least efficient thing there is.

also saying we’ll be by ourselves is contradictory, since before players just left the island, leaving the island soul player by himself.

no, it was SUPER efficient, because you could do the daily across 3 characters each time.

NOW, it is the most inefficient 5 leapstone daily and practically worthless.

well too bad, because you hog up channels and then empty it out. so they had to change it.

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  1. you can solo the bosses

  2. they shoulda just made the bosses scale with how many are on the island once they spawn.

this change effects you to because you could take advantage of an efficient daily, and now you cant.

this is a frustrating change that only encourages to give up on the grind and just rmt

dude…this boss takes a long time to kill, since your stats are scaled on the island.

quit being selfish. go be a dickhead somewhere else.

its not being selfish cause it doesnt only affect me. with your own argument, YOU are being selfish to want it your way and not how many players prefer it…so how about YOU stop being selfish.

since our stats are scaled, shouldnt the boss health scale to the amount of players? thats the CORRECT change.

it’s not selfish to do the MAIN thing this island is here for.

i’m tired of hearing your smoothbrain takes

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If a daily provides 5 greater honor leapstones which is the largest roadblock in the game…then the Island soul, isn’t the “MAIN” thing the island is there for.

I’m tired of reading your illogical brain takes.

thanks for proving my point.


Oh how did I guess there was going to be a complaint thread about this. Global players never cease to disappoint.

only thing you have proven is that you are a dumbass.

I’d prefer they didn’t change it as well.

After you get the island soul there’s no point to return to that island. If the boss is scale, it’s actually better less people are trying to kill the boss as it will dies faster.

so what are you getting at? Im not asking for nerfs. Im not complaining about anything that makes the game easier. I fucking have a 1427, 3 1370s and 2 1340s and it takes alot of time and effort to push my main f2p and any efficienent convience in this game is a good thing. and when they TAKE that away, it is frustrating and makes me feel like im being forced to work even harder when you have all these RMTers just pushing easily without having to worry about such things.

then the island might aswell not exist then, the entire point of the islands is for a mmo experience.

also you need it for the sea bounty too, i still do not have the soul to this day.
this change actually made the island alot more active now since player actually kill the chicken now.

Must be hard being you