Why did you nerf Oreha Hard without noticing

Yeah, Maybe you guys didn’t expect us to feel this way, but both of Seto and Albion abyss dungeon got nerfed. Raid wipe mechanics become just a huge amount of damage, failing to stagger check becomes just a huge damage, Seto’s pattern => real world - fantasm - real world pattern just become => Real world - fantasm. One of Seto’s pattern, making a person stunned, become just nothing. Albion’s pattern, spreading out not to be hit from pizza pattern and then group to one spot unless raid wipe, didnt show up. WHY ARE U GUYS KEEP NERFING THINGS AND NOW U DID NOT EVEN NOTICE?

Difficulty and mechanics seemed the same to me this morning. Can AGS CM confirm?

There is no way it is the same difficulty. It was 100percent easier than last week. How can you this is the same difficulty when u skip some raid wipe mechanics. If you keep[ nerfing this content. They are gonna nerf argos, valtan etc. Nerfing T3 raid is the best way to destroy game. Only thing AGS need is give them time to be trained, not keep nerfing things. This cant be a solution for low clearing rate like making SAT easier is not the way to make people smarter.