Why didnt we get KR ranks?

As title says i mean we get almost all Kr pvp changes beside Ranks ? Why ?
Really you love to give us dead zones , i really dont get it . Now there are plenty of people will be in 500- 1300 . You had actual numbers about this .
I know where i belong and i have enough experience to pass this dead zone but what about others ?
Pvp already has less people and so you wanna kill it from start ?
I don’t think KR ladder system was good enough either , promotion matches are joke with KR ladder system but this is worst than Kr system especially for New players.

Wanna tell what will happen with this rank system ;

  • Every single experienced player get their rank easily satisfy their EGO talk about how to do this , how to do that , will get their viewers on youtube twitch etc…
  • Some people calculate how bad how grindy to reach x y z rank and this will be keep away new players from PVP
  • pretty sure %70 and more will stuck in Bronze may be half of them will stuck in 500 -800 because those numbers are in " dead zone " for rank !!! and most of them will stop play PVP.
    The one stays will complain about RNG solo que , how bad their luck is , how bad Matchmaking is and they will leave sooner later …
  • AND last one PVP will be like RU server PVP thanks to whoever suggest this is better than KR
    high rank players start to smurf because of dead matchmaking at top ranks and gatekeeping low ranks more and keep away incoming new players. Never ending circle …

So don’t pvp?

I however will be grinding all day every day regardless of what a single person says.