Why do i have to wait 2+ hours just to play Lost Ark?

FFXIV had a 2 hour long queue back when Endwalker released. You know what they did? They stopped selling the game for a month.

Why can’t Lost Ark do the same? Stop selling the game on steam and ban the bots, till you guys can figure out how to stop them.

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The game is free



Really guy?

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Then do not :smiley:

i think he mean delete lost ark from steam for awhile :rofl:

Because the queue for FF during that time wasn’t 2h. But 8h+ on ALL servers after like 13 o clock lol.
Also no company is as caring for their customers as FF ones lol

u have to wait because jeff says so

Would be awesome if BOTS could infest FORUM too so some people couldn´t create topics.

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