Why do paladins mostly do not peel for bard when in own team?


dont know if the board is still active, but it happens so often that the paladin in double support is so focused to do damage and forget or mostly just do not peel for the bard. Its almost that he ignores her.

I have the feeling that paladins overestimate the skills of a bard. The bard can have two opponents and he will walk away chasing someone else.

Or, the paladin peels for the dps in team like arti with shield active and the like while the bard is beaten up.

Sometimes paladins even wanna go last.

Why is that so? Usually the paladin in non double support will try to cancel my skills when in the opposite team obviously.

They seem to know how important it is to interrupt the bard, but when in the same team they seem to have forgotten what skills bards have (if at all and they usuallly just interrupt without knowing).

It happens also sometimes when I have another bard in team who does not use rhapsody on her fellow sis and keep it for themselves.

Is it some kind of rivalry so that the paladin/other bard will have a higher field rating (direct translation)? I thought the goal is to win no matter what rating we have.

I mean the longer we stay alive the less the oponent team have kills right? Most are so focused on damage to reach the goal neglecting what the other classes can or cannot.

This happens pretty often. I do not know how to play together with paladin.
Have you made similar experiences and how do you solve it?

Thanks and Cheers.

I don’t know myself. I play both paladin and bard but whenever I’m on paladin, I hate bards so much.

Lol. Thats not a qualified answer. Do you hate them when you are in the same team or in the opponent team. And why do you hate them? :joy:

So sorry the answer isn’t up to qualification. I will stop replying to you from now on.

Ok, I slightly guess whats the general problem here. ^^

Well if you get double support and your “carry” is meme like WD or SS that cant carry, you need to put on your big boy pants on Pala and make game happen.

And for realz pala has good spells to peel but on big CD so often they rly cant.

Also if the one who is attacking you is DB or Destro then pala cant rly peel them cuz he has no lvl 3 CC. Also Palas dont have superarmor on thier “rapsody” -godsend law, they will be rupted if they are not in safe when they want to peel you.

Yes, but bards have it.

For example pala and shadow hunter. Pala is my frontliner as bard.

He can interrupt with a huge huge slash or the red circle even, or the golden circle which freezes, but palas mostly dont do that for bards as team members.

Other classes do. 95% of palas dont. This is why I am asking. Simple as that.

What does “meme” mean, dont understand in terms of transaltion?
I dont wanna play pala (though I find him cool), I have a bard, a sorc and next will be shadow hunter.

ok lets go over what 3v3 pala build looks like

You get charge with knock that is unprotected so It wont help vs most of best carries.

Exe sword is knock up thats lvl2 CC wont help still with superarmored DB

Holy sword needs you to be very close for it to actualy work in pvp and it is lvl 2 CC so it wont work vs DB

Execution of justice is aoe protected(if i remember correctly) but again needs to be close range for it to catch and is still lvl 1 into lvl 2 CC that WONT HELP vs DB

Godsend aoe dmg reduc - this will maybe help but you still will lose 50%hp from very balanced db combo. Also this spell hard staggers it doesnt freeze

Wrath of god is TIER 3 CC the problem is its close range and CASTIME is abysmal there is almost no way to safely open with this spell, it ususally is a follow up to exe/charge

Rest of spells are shield and aoe dmg reduc for team so what can you see is that pala is not RLY good at peeling classes that bard struggles with.

Because if you are attacked by class that pala can deal with you as Bard can deal with them better.

Also if Pala commits to go aggresive with charge there is no real way for him to get back to you in time.

People just keep repeating this, oh rising storm superarmour.

Serioulsy, why do you have to peel rising storm? It doesn’t do no damage, all it does, is to knock up the target so blade can connect voidstrike → moonslight sonic. 2 STATIONARY charge skill that’s UNPROTECTED. Either one of paladin’s knock up, followed by wrath electricute, followed by hollysword, and your job is done.
If it instead uses awakening, drop your blessing here.

Paladin is pretty good at peeling:

  1. for striker/wardancer they don’t have t2 SA (aside from tiger but you get what i meant) but have to combo face to face, just throw a knockup, get their roll and go do whatever you have to do.

  2. For something like berserker’s execution (it’s main burst finisher), super long SA animation, approach from side and wrath of god him.

  3. The real probllem normaly comes from artillerist/destoryer combo (it’s equally hard for any melee to peel), but you can simply cast blessing in distance and neutralize all his damage. Or god-sent law for the DR.

I don’t know what’s the problem with peeling a deathblade, unless you jump directly into a rising storm together with your teamm8 and hand it a full combo. You don’t have to win the super armour trade with DB, just make sure it gets a full punishment whenever it combos and stays stationary for 2 seconds.

Same goes with other classes, peel is just to get their combo off, you don’t have to win a skill trade. Shadowhunter is one of the best peelers in game, but it doesn’t have any t2 super armour(except from the split second for transformation activition).

yes yes classic db talk about

“i have 2 spells that can be punished so it is easy” when other classes cant even start thier combo while pressured cuz they dont have superarmored engage disengage and burst.
you can punish DB when he goes for 1 sec medium range stun or aoe circle that makes them invisible while casting so you better know where he started it or you wont land any cc. If db goes for ULT into Z burst sorry you cant do sht since it is fully protected.

If db goes for rising storm you have to wait for it to end if he sees you waiting he will just void strike your charge and continue killing your teammate.

Outside of DB and Destro all other classes are pretty easy to peel as pala, and even easier to peel as bard. But worst offenders that can force your bard to submission is enraged zerker or db or destroyer.

I legit never seen a single post about how striker or wd are so op that they can solo you. Cuz even if they can deal ok dmg, sneeze from your teammates will stop thier dmg IMMEDIATELY, no waiting needed no need to be scared. I dont see how anyone can defend bs class like db in pvp especialy with “2 spells are counterable” or “just wait for my cd to be gone”.

i don’t play DB, i play wardancer and shadowhunters.

It’s not about DB tho, for most class, you don’t peel when it’s in SA, you peel when it’s trying to combo. Period.

But that doesnt make sense in double support. As bard lacks damage but would have stuns, shields and rhapsody to peel. But when two are beating up the bard it doesnt make sense not to eat the damage for the bard, who could peel and reduce the damage eaten.


today I made a char in NAE. Freshly arrived in Luterra I entered pvp with the usual beginner rank.
Now one paladin wrote in group chat “stay away from me bard”. Dont know if he even wrote “please”.

I looked him up, he has master rank.

So, again, whats the point in staying away from a frontliner for me as bard? I had two games with him, two times like double support if I remember correctly (2xbard, pala and pala, bard, gunlancer), two times win.

I know from my friend who had a pala as alt, that the pala might be easily interrupted. But he played him just two times or so in pvp.

So is there actually something behind that phrase “stay away from me” or is it just I m an arrogant master I dont like bards as they are rivals to palas talk.

Though I have learned the few hours of presense on NAE, its way more toxic in pvp than in EUC/EUW. I cant remember that I have ever read insults some low level pvp guys (I do “not” refer to the pala phrase).

Thanks and Cheers…

I had a similar experience but was a Sorc that said that to me. I think there are two options why they said that:

  • 1º Not be near enough of them for both get caught in a combo, but still know where they are.

  • 2º They want to be alone off-screen for the enemies target their team mates and they get the enemies “off-guard”.

But that is a perspective of someone who got hard stuck at silver and hardly got gold by the end of the season, so i don’t understand the mind of a Master, maybe @Wseno can help with it.

You gave 2 really good reasons, i will add this:

  1. If you stick to your mate, you might get caught together, moreover supports aren’t good in 1v1 which means that a Bard/Paladin grouped together can get 1v2.

  2. You are occupying less space on the map which makes it easier for the opponents to corner and pressure you.

  3. Supports are good at counter engaging, their goal is to attract the less light possible to be alone off screen in a safe spot to peel their team and catch the opponents off guard.

  4. Lastly having someone sticking to you feel really bad because you directly lose the map control, become a target for the duelists in the opposite team, you can get body blocked by your own mate so it’s harder to dodge, and it’s harder to surprise the opponents.

In a Paladin/Bard comp, the two classes need to frontline one after the other depending their CD to put pressure on the opponents and get the control of the map, the Bard can’t always be in front, same for the Paladin. They can both work together and peel each other. It obviously depends of the comp and situation

Thank you! :blush: