Why do People feel their hand should be held?

They literally just posted an update with a lot of things being addressed.

More Mats through event. Compensation. Really good changes.

Why do people think they should have everything given to them? Why People think they should be given insta T3 just because they are playing a game thats free? I dont understand?

Why do you hurry to get a place where you will have 15 more min of content per week? How does that change your current playing routine?

I support adding the missing content in the game. I’d like that too. BUT GUYS PLEASE. Stop with the shitposting and doomsaying, like its in every other thread.

Give them time. Understand that these are people who work long hours and are under big stress. Be humane for the love of god. I am happy with the post earlier, as yall should be. Stop being entitled children as the most of the forum is. They dont have to give you shit in compensation, but they do, as they want to have player retantion.

AGS and Amazon may have their faults but at least give them the benefit of the doubt on this.

I am sick and tired of this. “Game dead”, “I quit” , “I want honing changes cuz I got unlucky”. Stop for the love of god and try to play the game. As I said, I support some of the demands but this is getting out of hand. I am a f2p player(bought only the founder and changed server so I couldnt trade it for gold) and I am enjoying this so much. Do I want to see Argos? Yes. Do I wanna rush it? No. Most of the players crying for Argos and honning changes are Roster level 50, missing 30-40 skill points. There are other forms of progress besides Gear score.

Please, be patient and enjoy the game. Give them some breathing room. Only people who have worked in service/support industry understand this struggle. Its not healthy for them, us, or the game.


The west is the epitome of entitlement, has been for a long time.


Take your own advice bro. I like that they finally said something. Though a good portion of the article was fluff. As for the mats coming via events. We’ll see. I’m willing to wait to see how it works out.


I know it was fluff. But man I am coming from long years of playing WoW and I would be wetting myself if they posted weekly changes updates and even remotely listened to the community.

Thats why this bothers me so much.


They said something without saying anything, selective feedback once again with no real gravity at the important issues, only dumb dumbs were calmed down by the recent amazon post. (the gifts are great though)


And what do you expect? Deadlines?

People who work or have worked in corporate enviroment of any kind understand that this is not so easy to give. Things happen.

Honestly I cant blame them. I dont care if anyone calls me a shill or whatever crap. If they give a deadline and cant deliver due to something or another they’d be crucified.

Its funny that in other MMOs in the West I’ve never once seen people get so agitated over missing roadmap or something similar.

One of the many reasons AGS is so hard pressed is because they tricked hundreds of thousands with New world so people are at their throats and rightly so. The trust people had is long gone.

Now man i played wow and i get what you mean but truth is AGS is not listening to people, they pretend to listen and ninja do whatever they wanted in the first place, trust me there is a good reason people are so angry with them.

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it is an easy thing to give. the problem existed in the other regions and the developer came up with a fix that worked. amazon is delaying the fix and not respecting the players time. its not a matter of things happen. the gap between 1340 and 1370 is/was a known issue. As was the honing material aquistion rates.


I understand you might be right and if it happens that you are, I’d accept it.

However, I do love this game and that is the reason I want people to give them the benefit of the doubt.

While, admittedly, it is justified, nobody works/performs better under pressure.

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I love the game too, i am seriously addicted to it and thats why i hang out in the forums like a weeb when important things happen but believe me brother they do not deserve the benefit of doubt and it will be a long time before they earn it again.

Its true performance may decline in extreme pressure but since they rolled out with these decisions they have to keep going at the same pace till things are resolved.

It’s weird. I’ve been playing the game almost every day and my main is 245 ilvl I’m just taking my time enjoying it. I can’t imagine how mentally unstable I would be rn if I was 1300+ without swiping like wut


I mean people can ask for whatever they want in a product. Just because its F2P, it doesn’t mean it is suffering. I do not understand why it’s only two sides of Give me this or the other, which is just as bad, just leave. The letter was pretty late in terms of trying to put out any fires and honestly pretty lame with more promises and no deliveries. But it was a start at least.

Think about what things that made the game popular. Communication and adjustments with a feeling of being able to take part even if not swiping furiously.

I’m with ya though, I do think peoples would do well just take a deep breath. It’s been a little too touchy on a lot of subjects but I’m of mind that if you say you are going to do something…do it or well just don’t say anything. Don’t announce a roadmap before the game drops, kinda accidentally release some details and then keep telling people it is on the way.

I do think first impressions are super important and continued communication is needed for a steady populace. I don’t understand why people are so mean to one another for little benefits, even some picking on the CMs. Nothing wrong with lashing out at corporations, they do not have feelings but destroying a community is pretty shitty in the first month. A ghost population is never a good thing an MMO.


Yeah I understand. Different games though. WoW came out and it was new. LA has BEEN out so a lot of what they said in their article was just flat out untrue. But hey lets see how it goes!

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I really try to give them the benefit of the doubt, because I love the gameplay and want to continue to play the game. But the latest statment didn’t even adresse the 1340 wall, which is for me the real issue. The whole statement therefore feels very dishonest to me.


Exactly this.

AGS atleast shows that they’re listening. Other big game companys dont do this the same way AGS does it right now. Blizzard is doing what ever they want. They give a dry fart onto community thoughts. And AGS is very fast at it too.

What they announced today is not the solution for all and every problem, but it is a good start to show that they hear us. I’m not sure why people thought that they could adress all problems in one single update anyways. The roadmap will reveal how they approach the problems in the future.

Did some people really expect to get all new endgame activities we’re currently missing together with a 100% honing buff today to solve everything?

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They dont hear you though, PR wrote this, they did exactly the same in new world, tons of reassuring updates that they are listening and in the end they released a patch full of ninja nerfs and things no one asked for that drove people to mass quit to this day, do not think they are listening for a minute, they already have plans of what they wanna do and they will do it no matter the backlash, our only hope for the game not to be mismanaged more is Smilegate flying in.

I do agree that they have plans. They already had a finished roadmap.
But I do believe that they’ve learned something from NW. I skipped on NW so I dont know what exactly happened till today. But the update they just announced today, addresses some of the issues already. Not to a point where we could say its solved, but they need time to overthink what they’re going to do next. Because they already had things planned.

The fact that SG is in their office right now gives hope that they’re atleast trying to reach out to our interests. We dont know what contracts they have about releasing content and so on. But what they need right now is a talk to SG and to find a solution within the next weeks. They’re aware of all the complaints we have.

Alot of people are still waiting for the roadmap to make their decision on leaving or staying on the game for now. We will see if they listen or not next week, when we get the roadmap.

Dont forget that this time, this is not an AGS game. They’re just the publisher. Its not as easy to trash Lost Ark when you’re having contracts with other companys. Its way easier to just ignore players and kill your own game, because you dont have to fear consequences other than ruining your reputation. (Which obviously didn’t hinder millions of people to tryout the game anyways, knowing what happened to NW)

Back in the old days of WOW, social media wasn’t a thing…
It is now, and everyone wants everything yesterday…

Sadly, that’s just how it is.

I agree with most of what you said.

About their update today, i swear to you NW vets have seen so much of this bullshit that we are immune by now. All their apologies mean nothing till they actually do something good in game and we see the change with our own eyes. The only thing they learned from NW is how to avoid public outrage and stall.

About Smilegate, i dont believe they have as much control as you think they have, of course its their game and they are responsible for the main content of it but i strongly believe that AGS is responsible for many important tweaks and monetization that can break the game and that is not giving me hope.

The reason a million tried Lost ark despite what happened to new world i am certain is because amazon is just the publisher but once again look at the mess they caused even as publishers.

I guarantee you, the next solo AGS game will not be like lost ark or New world in terms of popularity, AGS has developed EA/Ubisoft reputation and it shows.

these scraps of mats are not enough. the honing rates are atrocious in t3 and these scraps will not help at all. for +15% that you need to do Argos the chance is 10%. assuming you managed to reach +14 with 15% chance from +12 to +14. you have to do 18 upgrades with 15% chance. these scraps of mats will not help you with these rates = 15% and 10%.
we got the cosmetics that released recently in Korea but not the honing buff that is released for several months and f2p players can kill new boss before the whales cause with the honing buff they are ready by the time new boss is released. the reason that they are ready is the honing buffs and not some scraps of mats

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