Why do people love Grudge so much?

Why do I get insulted for having Spirit Absorption instead of Grudge?

  1. I cruel fighter every gate, do all the mechs, and pull my weight
  2. It’s a Vykas weekly clear???
  3. Even in Brel with pug players of the same or similar gear, they still don’t pull as much dps as I can.
    Just let people play what they enjoy, I just happen to like a really slow class, S.A is a nice movement and attack speed increase and makes me enjoy the class/gameplay even more.
    If they’re upset about the boss not dying faster bc of me not having Grudge, They’re in the same party too, they also have grudge, why are they getting outperformed? Why am I expected to make up the difference?
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I’ve always lurked but never posted anything, it’s just a question.

u would do it better with grudge


troll or not Im rly wondering whats your class tho xD


Barrage Enhancement Artillerist

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Understandable, but what if I don’t enjoy it without being able to attack/move fast?

Grudge talk is since release and maybe on other Regions too.

But in the end Grudge > Rest.

If people say hone few taps more etc. Just think about with grudge it does more. There is no excuses to not take grudge.


ye I expected something overtuned. well you are losing insane amount of dps for movement on class where you sit in wheelchair. you would not outdps normal players with decent setups. the reason why it works in pugs is because you are joining into alt runs where ppl dont even have 1700 main stat for it

Seems like you haven’t read through the whole thing,
My experience with Brel is that even with similarly geared players, they do not pull Cruel Fighters while I do.
Maybe all the good ones are in statics and I’m stuck with some shitty pug players that think with Grudge they can do all the damage while they can’t even come close.

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Easier to floorpov as Grudge and get carried.

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If you dont use grudge, thats tells me that

1- ill have to carry you as you will lack dps
2- you probably die and or do a lot of fk ups as if you dont use grudge you dont know the fight so I have to carry your dead weight.
3- you dont use grudge so your toon is a cheapo and you wont run with my over serveral millions gold toons so… No ty, you are not joining any of my parties.


I was reading whole thing. you just decided to ignore my post. you are playing one of 4 S tier dps classes and you sacrificed dps for movement speed on class who can stay in everythnig anyway. if class with similar powerlvl will be in your group you will always get outdpsed. sadly you probably see just engravings or gems and already think that those guys on alts are same geared like you on main.

how about try to pull ur own weight without Grudge as a non S tier dps class, see how well you do


If you join a party where the other players are exactly like you, same skills, dodging, boss knowledge and build except grudge instead of spirit absorb, you won’t be cruel fighter anymore. Some people have very good gear but lack boss knowledge and dps uptime on the boss, lowering their total damage by a lot - especially in pugs

That being said, it’s fine to take “off-meta” engravings for movement and survivability, it’s just not the “best” you can do for max dps, it may just be harder to get into some groups if their requirement is “having bis engravings” but definitely not required to clear content

I would not bother with all the hate/insults and just play the game, if that is possible. People will always hate specific engravings, builds or even classes for whatever reasons


I just wish ppl finally understand the negative effect of grudge basically dont exist. in raids you either get one shotted with or without grudge or fall with hp. if you fall with hp u pot or wait on supp heal with or without grudge. theres not a single mechanic what would wipe you from 100% hp just because u use grudge anyway. its your decision to not use it but the truth is you sacrificed dps because you wanted to get cheaper build.


I get this, what is bad is come here and question grudge pretending hes doing nothing wrong and the best is xxx when it will never be a discussion that any engrave is Better than grudge

So it’s because I play a S tier class, the expectation is to carry the non-S tier dps class? When I already do anyways. Noted that is with the same skill set, same setting and everything, ofc I will not perform as well as the person, however 90% of the time it is not the case.

Solution: take grudge and spirit.

I have no idea about Artillerist but I’m playing spirit in stuff like argos, clown and brel 4-6 on my scrapper and works fine

I believe the logic is that its +20% damage with little real downside. The 1 shot mechanics in game will 1 shot you regardless of the extra damage taken or not, and the chip damage attacks wont do enough damage even with grudge’s downside to matter much in a party with support…

I mean in this logic we can say necromancy works fine aswell but that doesnt mean its valuable engraving

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