Why do people worship whales?

A lot of the whales I know irl are looked down on by their “friends”. There are actually a lot of rich folks who spend minimally on F2P games because they don’t enjoy being given a handicap believe it or not.

I can personally afford to spend thousands every month on this game with minimal repercussions but I don’t because I don’t want to be carried by money and outlevel the content. I know richer friends who can spend tens of thousands every month easily but they don’t either.

To be a whale you not only have to be rich but also have to be degenerate enough to spend money on making content trivialized, defeating the whole point of raiding: the challenge.

Most of the whales I know in Genshin IRL are all literal incels BTW. Even if they have a comfortable Silicon Valley job they’re usually only successful in one dimension of life and crap at every other facet.

I don’t get why people worship whales. They aren’t as successful at real life as you think.

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No one worships whales, no one cares about whales except jealous poors. What a foolish topic to bring up. Do what you want with your money and as long as you’re not harming anyone, who tf cares…


Who cares, everyone has some vices


The whales (or overleveled players) get the feeling of power and others being thankful of their help, the players gets carried or gets faster clear. Win-win.

Not on the forums probably but there are so many people on Reddit worshipping whales, thanking them for carrying them through the challenges, and telling F2P/dolphins to be “grateful” for them sustaining the game.

I don’t get why anyone has to feel grateful towards whales.

They’re not wrong to thank whales because ungrateful f2p players flaunting that they spend 1000+hours on the game and refuse to support the devs/publishers is disgusting to see. But no one is worshipping whales and no one cares what you do with your money, which is what this topic is about.

Worshipping whales is one thing but comparing one’s success to real life from the game is a little weird

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Why should F2P players thank whales? I don’t think anyone asked the whales to fund the game. The game could’ve been easily funded with a lot of dolphins paying $30 a month or so if they changed the business model.

Why do whales need people to thank them to feel validated that they dumped $10k on a video game? Sorry I’m not going to feed into that perverted fetish.

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I mean imo i too can spend thoudands but why ruin the fun. Idk i think the majority of whales are contenr creaters or people who really shouldnt be whaling in tbe first place

Good things this isn’t Reddit gonna mark this post as spam chief

I never said that anyone should thank whales, learn to read. I stated that it is not wrong for those who do so to do so. Are you sure you understand English? If f2p were the only ones in a free to play mmo game, it wouldn’t last but a few months if the publishers/devs were generous and worked for free… Get over yourself.


This is one quote that I saw on Reddit:

it’s because they’re [whales] likely to be successful in life to have good money so they don’t have any insecurities about playing a game


You have to have such little dignity to bow down to whales and thank them as if they are your messiah and daily source of sustenance. It’s creepy and perverted. And it’s even worse because people on Reddit are scolding people for not being grateful to whales.

You’re so mentally challenged only religion could save you. Get help.

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Oh yes sure. Cause devs make the game free due to them, not cause they adopt a standard buisness model that has as main point giving up 60 dollars of purchase in order to promote shady and overpriced pay2prpgress tactics resulting in 10to1000 times the return.

They wholeheartedly truly just want you to enjoy their game for free!

Fuck all those filthy peons having enough brains to not fall into the shady models which signed the decline of videogame quality for the last 15 years, thise stupid bastards shall drown in our pheons!

Any FIFA enjoyers here?

And you have to be a degenerate enough to take handouts from your chat as a streamer. Theres one wow streamer in particular that had no shame in it, yelled down at his chat to anyone who said anything remotely negative about it. Then got very frustrated on valtan because he was so out of touch with how to play the game in a manner that didnt rely on his chat propping him up.

Maybe Im being too specific :slight_smile:

More on topic, I dont worship whales. Not sure where this is coming from. I dont think anyone does. I just find it funny that people who whaled or take massive handouts think they’ve actually done anything meaningful in the game.

Side note: There are some non streamer hardcore f2p players out there, and some streamers (mostly POE streamers) that f2p hardcore non stop. Those guys and gals are actual chads.

Starts with “Asm”? I haven’t watched him in a while because he’s the biggest hypocrite I’ve seen. Literally no shame. And his weird mental gymnastics on how he’s not actually whaling or how he’s exposing it or whatever is pathetic.

Ignoring my argument for your narrative makes you seem quite ignorant.(ĭg′nər-ənt - Unaware or uninformed.) I never commented on the free to play model nor did I say devs use that model for the benefit of the players.

You don’t like pheons and the f2p model, great. Not my problem and not the topic here.

Why did you write any of that as a reply to my post? Was it a mistake?

I recommend AGS to put all the whales in a server with the youtube streamers. it will be a huge competition between them to have the biggest lolipop (weapon) with extra glowing .cuz they play all sorcerers lolll… for me has a small f2p player, not efficient, give me the smallest stick you can find (weapon) without glowing. may be a candle glowing so small than nobody can see it. I will be happy with it. I promise. I will not complain I promise.embarrassing isn’t it. it’s you futur game guys!!!

The fact you taking my post by literal words and not getting im putting things like pheons there just for irony and trolling honestly speaks enough about your mental agility.

You literally stated something so dumb the only reply would be an ironic trolly one, and now you re replying to it tryna tell me that i dont like pheons.

This got even more hilarious than expected please go on :rofl: