Why do so many bosses have unnecessary hopping mechanics?

I just finished Oreha’s Well in the story, and while the fight is obviously easy, all 3 times I used my awakening, Albion literally jumped or flew away. There’s no logic to it, they just run away. Oh wait, there is logic…me using awakening.

How did I get 3 awakenings? 3 points into engraving + garbage bard DPS.

Why does every bloody boss need to jump and become immune randomly? Why can’t they just SIT STILL FOR 4 SECONDS?

I know this feedback forum is a charade and that feedback about (some/most) bosses moving WAY too much will never change the game, but I’m going to post this anyway. No, not all classes have issues with this…DPS with instant abilities will go “i DiDn’T hAvE tRoUbLe WiTh It” but you’re missing the point. My sorc didn’t either (outside Doomsday…)

The problem isn’t that I can’t kill the boss, it’s that the boss jumps every 3-4 seconds. That’s too much and doesn’t add anything to the fight. Make it do more damage, make it do more attacks…but reduce the bloody evasion moves.

I’m not returning to this thread, but this has been on my mind for awhile with multiple bosses. If you’ve never played a Bard through story I don’t expect you to understand. Maybe I was just unlucky with timing as well (even though I always try to use AFTER the boss moves.)

To be clear, I’m mostly talking about story bosses. Yorn has some of the most annoying story bosses. Again, annoyance, not difficulty. I need to drive that home, because some people get an ego over things like this.

But yeah, bye.

tldr: game is easy but i cant hit my abilities


soulfist here, our ult takes around 6 second to hit (from start of the cast to end) + a couple of seconds of setup (getting 5 stacks of argos set buff + 6 of adrenaline + energy release) in short a very hard ult to hit compared to any other ult in the game.
You need to recognise boss patterns, you dont ult when the boss just moved since he might move again, you ult when the enemy is doing something that wont let him move (attacks with long animations, boss is moving in a predictable way(you aim where he is going ofc), boss is staggered, etc. boss moving is part of the fight and you need to learn the fight in order to hit your attacks and ults.

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How is it unnecessary mechanics if the bosses effectively evaded your awakening. I feel that it served its purpose very well.

Or should monsters all be scarecrows and stand there for players to hit?


Staggering boss as a bard = he’s already almost dead.

I learned each fail, but he did a different pattern in reaction to my ult each time.

  1. Wait for him to charge > ult. He flies away.
  2. Ok wait for him to come back after he flies away. Oh look he jumped a 2nd time RIGHT after landing.
  3. Wait for him to jump after landing, he doesn’t. I wait 4 seconds, ult, he jumps.

None of you are comprehending the context of what I’m saying. Your strawman argument is absurd and NOT in any way what my post is about.

I specifically stated this is a STORY boss problem. If I think Yoho, Igrexion, etc…are fine, then your argument redundant. I do NOT think they should sit still. I think story bosses should not had absurd movement patterns.

Not that I expect you or anyone upvoting you to read my post properly.


I said I wasn’t coming back, but the sheer effort to take my post out of context pissed me off. I expect you guys to continue misinterpreting my post though, and I don’t think anyone in this community will understand the fact that I’m talking about…

Yes. STORY BOSSES with annoying mechanics

I’m done.

This forum is disappointing. If story bosses random movement is your definition of skill requirements, you’re out of touch. It’s annoying, not hard.

What are you saying then? Leave the mechanic in? I agree. Then why are you saying that it’s unnecessary? Yes, some bosses have more annoying mechanic than others; not all bosses are created equal after all. That said, usually the story dungeons are easier and less annoying than the abyss dungeons.

Story bosses are there to slowly teach you the skills you’ll need at endgame. Removing all the movement mechanics from them then leaving them in for endgame just creates more problems.

They’re really not that difficult to deal with. Since you’re having so much trouble with them, its probably good that they are there so you can practice.

I do not believe OP wants to eliminate such movement from exclusively story bosses; I think he questions the value of such movement as an actual game mechanic, and this is something that I agree with, but I have an obvious bias as someone who plays on gamepad.

Aiming where the boss is going to be is extremely imprecise on a gamepad, and point skills have 2 really bad options to deal with this: either auto-locking to the boss (you cannot aim where the boss will be, period) or using the joystick to aim (takes a long time and lacks precision, huge DPS loss). Making such movement as a part of boss mechanics makes me wonder why the game has gamepad support in the first place tbh.