Why do the hat skins, not fit the theme of any skins released?

Just noticed the “Naruni Hat Chest” and I have to say, I’m really confused.

We have no transmog, no way to even dye our regular gear unless it’s a skin… As a Beserker I think I have 2 or 3 options of skins, including the newly released.

The skins we currently have are all very serious, dark, or badass warrior themed skins…

Now… 'm not saying the hat isn’t cute, and hilariously derpy looking. But why not add a weapon skin? Or make the Naruni hat a full body skin, that fits it’s own actual theme? Or some kind of hat that we could fit better with the very limited skins we have access to?

It’s just a very confusing choice, espically when there’s so many complaints of everyone looking exactly the same.

You’re suppose to be able to set yourself apart in an MMORPG, customize your own look, so you don’t feel like a copy & paste of or your own class.

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I really want more casual or fun skins. They are missing the opportunity to release 2-3 skins a month, one for each kind of player, not releasing just serious fantasy theme skins. Hope they improve in the future, not feeling like buying another serious skin so soon

yo i love my naruni hat thanks AGS

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