Why do we have no news for the early December bans?

I have been banned since the 12th December and still banned with no news about it. Have never cheated nor i morally allow me to. But at this point I’m doubting myself.

I’m so so so so so so so pissed thats eating me inside. I have been patiently waiting for so so so so long and I can’t even get a confirmation of anything, or an individual ask about why they may think my account is flagged. Nothing. All i have ever gotten from them is an endless chain of mails from Customer Support about how my ban was merited and I lacked evidence. IS YOUR OWN TEAM ADMITTING THAT DURING THE TIME I GOT THE BAN, EAC WAS FLAGGING INNOCENT ACCOUNTS NOT PROOF ENOUGH TO GUARANTEE AT LEAST A MORE INDEEP INVESTIGATION? INSTEAD I JUST GET THE SAME COPY PASTA ALONGSIDE A LINE ABOUT HOW SERIOUS THEY TAKE THESE BANS, MORONS. WHAT THE F** DO THEY WANT FROM ME? I HAVE BEEN STUCK FOR ALMOST 2 MONTHS WITH MY STEAM ACCOUNT WITH A BAN NOTICE. DUE TO THEIR FUCKING FAULT.

Sorry, can’t really behave right now. It’s been mentally taxing. Here is a link to the threat they were talking to us, before they went off for holidays, and my last comment with some of the data Amazon sent me. I apologize for my tone but please consider that right now, I’m not mentally my best. Being called a criminal constantly kinda drives you insane.

Feel bad for ya buddy
few here suggested to try the german support, maybe itll help

they have been lifting some false bans though, you must have fallen between the chairs I guess

on the other hand its a good chance to drop this garbage game for good


Will try the German support.

At this point more than wanting to play the game, i want the ban off my account. I don’t deserve it, so i shouldn’t have it. Have waited long anough for them to do something.

Thanks for the tip o7

How long have you been banned for?

Today makes day number 50.

Sounds so damn sad.

for how long?

Hey @Cesco hang in there. I know how you feel. I was lucky to have an account to play since my partner quit the game because she was disgusted about my ban. Keep trying the ban support team. I will also help you if Steam or EAC supoort get back to me. It is really concerning to know AGS won’t even try to liaise with EAC to investigate. I guess Money > helping individual players

Because you are staying permanently ban, there is no you only us. :joy:

Wow, first no one called you a criminal. Second, if you take this insignificant stuff that seriously you probably need a break to get your priorities straight. This is just a game and it has ZERO impact on your real life.

My steam account has a banned badge and I see it daily.

Do you know what’s an hyperbole? I was wronged, waited for them to fix their error so i could be done right. But they haven’t. Hence i am a tad more vocal about the issue, so they may actually fix their BS.

If you were wronged with no news about them trying to fix it you would feel the same. My personal stand is to respect everyone even if it’s across the internet and your screen. Hence why I do feel bad by using such a bad tone and all caps. More so against the forum guys that I know don’t have a say in my ban.

However, they are the ones that have left me in the dark for almost a month with no news, nor there were any visible attempts to help me get my account back. I do believe that higher ups may have strictly prohibited or just told them to ignore the case. That’s why I am being more vocal about it.

They can ignore us as long as we are all inside that one threat doing nothing else. That’s why I am trying to get their attention in the rest of the forum.

It would help if people actually understand Ed my position and contributed someway, like sharing the news and getting AGS to finally act on their BS. But people can’t think that far ahead ig.

Mind you, i was banned for 50 days already. How long do you want me to stay away while being wronged? I had friends that played the game with. I enjoyed the weekly raids. I made plans during my holidays around a few hours a week for the weekly raids, skipping dailies and such.

Are you going to tell me that i should just walk away and keep my steam account with a banned game just because? You serious?

Again, its not that big of a deal. Just go play some other game. This is NOT your life.

I don’t hope for anyone else to be in my position, because how powerless i am in this situation. However, my dude, you are my exception. Love ya.

Happened to me too and I know how frustrating it can be :frowning:
What I did, I WROTE THEM EVERY DAY, I chatted with them EVERY DAY and finally they admitted i was banned for no reason.

Dont give up, just dont stop writing them until they unban you.

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My friends play this game. Do you want me to just tell them to fuck off and play BDO with me???

Heck, one friend actually did because how silly this situation was and we duo some spots. Do you want me to force the whole group to not do their hour long raids just to not leave me alone? Or do you think that staying there in the discord call while you play a different game is enjoyable? Even more because you were banned for alleged cheating? Think bigger my dude. This is an MMO, it’s a community game. I was kicked from the Loa community because of one of THEIR error and even my steam has a bad remark now.

Can you stop think about yourself only for a moment. Is empathy that hard for you.

:joy: it’s like when a gf dumps you and still tryna go back. If I get ban by mistake nor for real. I would not even think twice coming back to the game. Guess people likes giving second and third chances.

That gf of yours doesn’t make you wear a “I cheated” t-shirt everyday even though it’s complete bull shit.

Welcome to earth.

I haven’t thought of myself once in this conversation. Again, its just a little video game. Its not a big deal. Go play something else. You dont have to force your friends to do anything. They can play what they want. Some of you act like some pixels are your whole life. You need to see the big picture. A little game should have absolutley no impact on your life or mental state. If it does you should reevaluate your priorities.

Are you blind or is English impossible to comprehend for you?

We played together and they are my friends from long years. We played lots of MMO together and we were still playing LoA together. Untill AGS made their fuck up.

You are thinking about yourself. You are completely ignoring me and my point. It’s my hobby and I spent time with my hobbies however i want. I wanted to play with my friends but I havent been in able to do so for almost 2 months.

So your point is to just tell them to fuck off? You playing alone and treating this like a solo game has nothing to do with me. As i said, this is an MMO, a community game. I don’t enjoy being forcefully kicked from it due to a dumb mistake from their part.

And I already told you, that was an hyperbole, i don’t believe i actually say anything outrageous, but I do believe that i wasn’t respectful in my comments toward the staff, hence me apologizing for it.

Btw, get off your high horse. Dunno why you need the “not big deal, don’t care, move along” stapled all on your face. I still have a steam ban on my account to this day. Is this nothing to you?

It doesn’t affect my daily life but it did have a negative impact in some parts of my life. Or are you one of those boomers that say that steam doesn’t matter, it’s just pixels. Oh wait, you are.

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No it isnt because i am smart enough to know it literally doesn’t matter. You are making this a much bigger deal than it needs to be. You can keep allowing this to eat you up or just grow up and realize its just a game that doesnt matter. Sorry you are getting so upset and feel the need to try and insult me but this is the truth. Its not a big deal, move on.

Just ignore this subdriver dude, looks like a generic troll to me

I hope you get unbanned soon