Why do you care what version is released?

never get peoples obsession with this, whatever time you dedicated you will get to where you want to be anyways and most importantly enjoy and take your time playing the game. People rushing everything or caring about others / stats are what ruin games (ie wow)

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Why do some people think their opinion is so great that a new thread is needed to showcase it?


The main problem is the economy stability and equity between hard core players and casual players. With each tier your capability to generate resources become exponentially higher and in Tier 3 you even obtain a massive amount of gold from the Tier 3 Abyss Dungeons. This make hard core players be able to control the market at their will and the prices for several goods needed in tier 1 like engraving books will be too high for casual players. The best things will be bought from hard core people for absurd amount of gold that you can easy generate in tier 3.

In other words hard core players will be whales compared to casual players that will have massive advantage and can take everything they want rising the prices. As a result devaluing the casual players time and deny them from obtain the same things from auction house.

Obviously there are also other aspects that can be a problem but in long term tbh is not a big deal because everyone will get there eventually



All the engraving books, gems, stones, jewelry and even upgrading materials will be so much more expensive when the hardcore players are going to reach the tier three content. It is probably safe to say that everything that is tradeable and is connected with gold will go up in price significantly which also include costumes and blue crystals.

The new and casual players keep saying that they will play the game at their own pace not knowing what awaits them since the economy will be indirectly and unintentionally monopolized by the hardcore players.

The new and casual players will also have a surprise when trying to join groups and getting denied not knowing that they will be considered as not prepared after being inspected.