Why do you guys think Vykas is dellayed?

The team of holy rolling high-up puritan prudes at AGS took a break from censoring summer costumes to finally glance at the upcoming patch notes. Now it’s all hands on deck to put her in a parka. Also, give her some jowls. If there’s one thing that AGS knows the people love, it’s jowls.

Well this aged poorly LOL…

Me best guess is THEY FUCK UP something with TRANSLATION again

best part that the ONLY AGS do is translation :smiley:

Issues from development.

We’re not getting the exact version of all the other regions, as we’re very staggered with vertical progression.

For all I know, work they did to remove relics from South Vern update could be biting us in the ass now.

But likely it’s with any changes they’ve made so far, they’ve already butchered up the builds to whoever’s taste, (I’d assume AGS because all the other regions seems consistent despite different publishers)

I’d like to hope it’s some change they’re making to handle bots that’s causing the blocker.

My guess?

Bots was a concern but I think what really scared them was Yoz Jar and the negativity with loot boxes. Between Diablo Immortal garbage, the loot box laws going on with EU and the fact that they have refused to provide ANY information regarding Yoz Jar since the roadmap release it seems to hint at that was a issue they didnt think too much about. Sprinkle a little RMTing on top of Yoz Jar and you got all kinds of messed up stuff brewing.

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I think SG and ASG need to kiss and make up
I think SG gave ASG a plan but ASG didn’t like that plan and rejected it
I also think AGS now regrets rejecting that plan (bots,rmt, forums rioting etc)

Roxx and other CMs have to deal with us all being pissy since they are the front line

end of the day
both need get their crap together before you have no players left

But thats just a theory

It was too soon between content updates. They have to space things out or else they’ll run out of legions/content/classes/continents too fast.

No if anything they are working to get the game up to the same spot that Korea is at. Vindictus another Korean MMO does the same, they have it where ur only behind by like 2-3 months maximum now.

But they intend to only release class content once every two months? So we should be up to date with content by early next year…?

Yeah it makes no sense they didn’t just release all the original characters at launch and instead pushed sorc to launch and arcana to like next month lol

SG can’t help EU NA atm. reasons for the delay

  1. EU regarding loot boxes (legendary costume) (AGS Problem)
  2. BOTS/RMT’ers (they’re doing terrific job atm) (AGS Problem)
  3. Korea’s LOA ON. you think SG will give us time when their baby is due this coming saturday? (SG)
  4. JP/RU Artist release. (SG/JP/RU)

I’m so looking forward to see their walltext of excuses and blaming 75% of it on bots thats been running pretty much since the game released and they only decided to actually work on it when they started losing players!!
The other 25% is probably about that gacha bs coming with the patch and their reasons why its being implemented… just the usual sugarcoat we all love.

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Your mean Lionbridge, since that’s the company AGS contracted it out to. Then Lionbridge contrasts it out in tiny parts (as in a single sentence with no context) to contractors. Then when a ‘finished’ script is done, so far as I can tell no central review process happens for consistency. (Hence why a paragraph of dialogue has someone’s genderd pronouns shift 3 times.)

Edited to correct the name of the company. (Well, it’s Lionbridge or Lion-Gate, I can’t track down which quickly.)

“We are still working across teams to finalize a build that addresses multiple concerns of our playerbase, primarily in terms of monetization and related systems. While this won’t be ready for launch tomorrow, the June Update will go live next week on June 30th. A breakdown of the new changes will be shared in the Team Update later this week.”

monetization and related systems… I do think the problem was Yor Jar

I told you guys, it was the Yoz’s Jar

overworked Devs because higher ups refuse to hire sufficient manpower to actually complete projects

because, profits

if you don’t think that’s true
just think of any work place you can imagine, and then think about why shit hits the fan if even 1 person calls in sick

they only hire at the bare minimum, but expect you to work as hard as you can
capitalism yeaaaaaaaaaah

They literally just said they will remove Yoz Jar

so why would you ask what other people think and reject any other opinions?

i know what ags said, does it mean i have to take their word for it?

why do you think CMs aren’t allowed to disclose information without permission
because they want to limit what they share with you in a way that benefits them

is that not a rational conclusion that they may not be 100% honest all the time?