Why do you mind if you have to carry someone? Seems to me like a good/ nice thing to do?

Hey all,

So I’m quite baffled by the mentality were people don’t like to carry other people. They start calling them names very fast (dogs, leeches etc.). I am from a scandinavian country and the succes of our nation is based on helping each other out. We have the best healthcare system of the world (free of charge) and if you get pregnant you can actually have time of, even as a father.

I have a feeling that the anti-carry crowd is the american repubiclan norms and values sipping into the game. You know, people who believe they sometime will become a millionair and therefore fight for pro-milionair rules. I really find your norms and values disgusting and they are really ruining lost ark.

What other right wing countries do we have in europe that might have these failed norms and values on our game?


depends on what raid. if we are talking about argos and legions raids, those are raids doesnt have much room for errors. like Vykas raid almost every gate needs all hands on deck and the later raids will be even more obvious that you can’t have a dead weight.
I mean sure the abyss dungeon there are people like that. At the same time, there are people believe they are entitled to be carried. Pretty sure you know how Karen/Kevin people works. They believe themselves entitled to receive everything. Of course not anyone is like that, but then again the people who are anti-carry or suppose anti-carry just dont want to help others like selfish people. There are many people like that selfish.
There are also situations where people dont want to work hard to earn their keep, expected to be carried all the time.


0/5 troll bait


Some value their time over helping a stranger they’ll forget about 2 minutes after they’re done, never to be met again. Some, including me value own time (Only truly finite resource one has on this earth) over wasting it on others. No reason to sugarcoat it. Harsh, blunt truth. Pull your weight, know what yer doing or sod off, full stop. I don’t owe you, world or this particular community anything.

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I don’t mind carrying you but I don’t want to waste 6 of my teammates time when I clearly wrote on the party finder Alt/reaclear and you mess up and tell me you watched a video.

I don’t mind carrying someone in Argos, but if they last-minute invite a 1370, I would have set myself different expectations for the group and most likely leave, since I find their move scummy.


I don’t mind carrying if people were more upfront about it.

People tend to title their pf “FAST RUN” for Argos P3 then have like 3-4 of their 1370 friends sitting in the lobby like bruh, who are you kidding? If I’m going to spend my time helping you, you better be honest with me. I’d totally join your pf and help you and your friends if you’d have a PF with your PF titled “help carry my friends” or something along the line.

I also stopped carrying Oreha or Guardian raid because I find most people are selfish ass. For example:

  • bidding on the legendary book despite contributing to nothing and getting the clear and rewards completely free with their grudge level 1 build.

  • not having the basic courtesy of saying a thank you after being carried.

  • not trying to use any pots to stay alive

In conclusion, the toxic community isn’t worth helping. I’d rather spend more time searching for a high ilvl party not because i want the run to be faster or smoother, but it is better than helping douchebags.


Love you Kedit

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Bussing solves a huge issue, which is not enough supports. Most people that don’t have the time to wait 2hr waiting for 2 supports and have the money to do so will just buy a bus and watch the content. Also most parties are very toxic towards Proggers, so sometimes they unfortunately don’t have any other choice.

You are literally wasting your “valuable” time in a video game, :laughing: :rofl: :joy:. You dont value your time that much if you throw it away on something that is completely insignificant that you will never have anything tangible from.

Like memories, fun, distraction, in some cases stress relieve or even a workplace (stream youtube etc) and many other things?
Plz don’t act like videogames are wasted time, we are not in the 90’s anymore.

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In the sense of this discussion where just spending a few more minutes helping someone is too valuable to waste time on, just playing the game is also a waste.

I guess you are both partially right. Just wanted to get out that gaming in general is no waste of time, or at least it depends :smiley:

I am tilted aswell whenever there are cheap players who don’t know what health potion is and keeps dying more than needed. As of result fights get extended and forces to use potions

Not at all. These are not at all a similar thing and one of these things is a complete waste of time while the other is the essence of it

when i carry you its because you suck
when you carry me it’s because you suck

simple no?

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I waste my time as i please, as long as i “waste” it on myself. No reason to waste even a single second on “helping” freeloaders and parasites.


When you read the replies that just come to show what kind of community the mmo’s has become. We are very far from the core community helping type WoW tried to bring years ago and killed with dungeon finder.

But hey you do you guys, y’all just take it way too seriously to react like this


That’s your rose tinted glasses speaking. It was always about minmaxing and clearing it without dragging a deadweight behind you. There’s nothing for me to gain from it so why would i do it. Only common denominator is a goal here. I have zero reason to put in twice as much work for zero benefit to myself.

No I get it but I guess it’s mainly Lost Ark core mecanique, it’s time gated, you need to complete as many content in a day for weeks all month. It easily create that kind of frustration overtime if things don’t go as planned. Still sucks tho.

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