Why do you UNDERLINE that you are F2P in every post?

In almost EVERY single post regarding any sort of advice/questions people are always specify “ooh I’m F2P btw”.

I mean to be F2P doesn’t make your peepee bigger you know that?

I personally don’t care if you spent money or not, it’s your life dude, my advice for your class/game/quests/stronghold will not change if you “swipe” or you are F2P you know that?

What is the point of ALWAYS UNDERLINE/SPECIFY that you are F2P?


I’m F2P btw.
Free2Pay that is.


Some people find premium features quite important, that’s why. Mostly because of lack of knowledge, that this features are not a big deal, but yes. It’s common point of view to understand premium and freemium as different playstyles.

I believe its mostly because your word doesn’t contain any weigth if you are pay your way up in gear score thats why most people have a need to state that they clawed their way wherever they are
F2P btw


People spend a lot of money and somehow they called themselves “F2P” how? don’t ask me.

My guess would be that some people consider P2W as cheating, so getting to higher ilvl as F2P feels like a great achievement to them. Its their personal badge of honor.

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it’s some cringe ppl that think LA still has any integrity while it’s just a rmt/bot/maccro fiesta lmao


People just being jealous of those that have buying power. That’s pretty much it. Pretty sure if you gave them 1 million dollars they’d P2W or whatever.


people think that if you are paying you are sinner or something, they fail to realize that people who are paying are the reason why free to play games are still on the market


i would just like to comment that i am also F2P and i find this forum topic to be offensive and insensitive to all my fellow F2P players. I wouldnt have to deal with this in KR! AGS please fix this or give compensation for the emotional distress this post has caused me today.


im f2p and my mom proud of me.

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Do you want some crystals?

it’s like when you’ve worked hard and honestly for years to get rich instead of being too rich for nothing. for example because you inherited a lot of money or you get a lot of money for doing nothing. for example as an athlete, musician, actor, model, youtuber, streamer, pro gamer and co. for which you don’t need any education or skills and that everyone can do. In other words, f2p means: “Look at me, I’m so great. So praise me”

you got any of them leapstones ?

I used them all hitting 1445 :frowning:

People who spent money in the games are claiming to be F2P everywhere in this forum.
And I’m sure they are serious about it. If the money didn’t go into their gearscore then they are F2P right ?! If they RMT their money didn’t go to AGS or SG so they are F2P right ?! If they only bought founder pack and ark pass they are F2P right ?!

Being F2P also means you’re a leech imo. If a video game gives me fun then it’s only natural that I want to support the devs. F2P players are also the reason why those game models exist and introduces a various array of predatory marketing practices.

Nobody cares if you are F2P or not. It’s not a token of honor. It just means you’re as greedy as this game model.


Now i want more compensation, im not 1445 and thats unfair


The term doesn’t mean much to me since Lost Ark provided 100s of hours of gameplay. You can continue to F2P but I would like to give Lost Ark a bit of $ since they provided me with hours of entertainment. To me it’s like paying for service. F2P 24/7 braggers are basically announcing they are proud to use something for free for X amount of time, which I find a turn off.

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I’m non-p2w.
I heard people say they are F2P but they bought premium ark pass… wth, where logic has gone?


Because most ppl cry that the game is p2w and its impossible for a f2p player to do Valtan on release.

Ppl say f2p to show that its possible :slight_smile: