Why does 238 crystals only give you 2700 gold?

At that exchange rate real money seems useless?

Another reason why people RMT and sponsor the bots. If they just made crystals worth more gold people would buy in game shop instead of RMT. Similar to when wow launched their WoW Token. It beat out the illegal gold sellers price.

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like the guy above me said imo its the MAIN reason people RMT cause the exchange rate is so bad that its never worth it to buy from the game shop just dont waste your money on it really bad idea

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It’s a really weird thing that has been heavily skewed up by the rampant botting and RMTing. How games like this are supposed to work regarding to spending real money is that there are top cream offers here and there that give you a bang for your buck while if you want to spend past that point the effects of your money spending is minimized regarding that. If you got all the value all the time then someone rich spending a few thousand could just do that and get almost everything you can in the game so the game heavily induces players to do “smart spending”. This however has been even further undermined by the previously mentioned problems

However since it has fed the inflation like crazy you’re better off just spending the RC on the lost ark shop to buy cosmetics and whatever that you then sell further on the market for profits. Best example was when they implimented the new 3-day withholding period with a new set of cosmetics. The RC exchange value for that amount of RC at the time was about 7-8k gold, while the set itself sold for 15k gold. So it was just way better to buy those sets and sell them forwards which also skyrocketed the blue crystal exchange prices since almost nobody was exchanging those because… why would you if you get almost half the gold out of it?

This has also imposed massive problems regarding the healthiness of the economy that is reliant on BC sales so players can get their Pheons and whatever. Also crystalline aura is something veteran players at this point see as an almost necessity, which has also become very gold heavy price because of these nuances

to be fair if 100k gold cost 10 bucks from ingame,
botters would sell the same amount for 5 bucks and so on.

It will never be worth to buy from the game itself money wise, atleast you dont risk getting banned for it.

yes i agree heres a thing you might have not thought about , why do you think people use bots ? because its very profitable because of the rates of in-game gold in the stores and if the rate is like what you said trust me the botting will not be profitable anymore and people wont bot anymore it will solve the bot issue and gold will be cheaper to buy from the game store and i myself would buy gold from the game if it was at that kind of rate

depends on region. you’ll get 4000g if you’re at NAW

The economy is already ruined from rmt. Blue crysyals on my server are 3000g per 95 crystals. Thats up from 230g-400g per 95 from when i started playing. Naturally we all make alot of gold now, average 75k a week for f2p 6 alts. Buuut i still feel like if they increased the value of their royal crystals it would incentivise more people to buy from shop. Yes as an above comment stayed the bots could lower their price, but if we continue banning them and creating competition for them i feel like slowly the situation could improve on both fronts. Remember bots only exist because players RMT. If they wernt making money they would vanish.

Agreed + the 3 day limit probably hurt things the most.
People want to get gold to buy something asap not wait 3 days.

If gold didnt have so much value in progression it probably wouldnt be so bad xD

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Yeah, but who would risk their account just for 5 usd?
If 100k gold were to cost 10 usd in the store, a whole lot more ppl would buy from the store.

even if 238 crytals gave 10k gold people would still buy from RMT cus it will ALWAYS be cheaper than what the store offer but on the flip side people would be bitching and moaning about blue crystal prices to no end.

yeah i know im just saying sellers would adapt.

Make 238 crystals give 100.000 gold and you will see a whole lot more ppl buying crystals. For now ppl only buy crystals for skins or phoens and that is it.
And sometimes, getting the skins from AH is cheaper than getting them from the store.

Those new witcher skins for example. 5k gold on AH or 22$ from the store lol

you make it 238 to 100k gold noone will list the gold so 0 people would buy crystals :joy:

LUL u are funny.

Legion/BFA and Half of Shadowlands was PEAK Time Selling Gold with Real Cash RMT.

Dont need Bots to sell Gold for IRL Money.

If u a curios look for Method disbanding. And maybe u find some infos how they Got there Gold to compete in World First Races.

Im to lazy to search for you.

Oh and btw and if u search look for the Boost Community Drama too.

That’s not how currency exchange works. It does not sell any gold.

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