Why does Amazon keep treating NA like dirt?

EU didnt just have ques because of bots?
Can i have handful of the same pills your on now?

SG is probably confused with how they’re releasing this version

U only have queue around launch meanwhile NA West gets 15k queue on a daily basis for 3 months and more. Come back when u have this queue for this many months

I guess youve been living under a rock then

This is easily seen incase u keep pretending to be ignorant. Search up queue on the forum and every post is about NA West for the last few months

I am aware that is american company, so what? You expect a better treatment? Not equivalent? You aren’t special just because you are from NA. Go away with your God complex.


Except they are doing the equivalent right now tho becoz of timezone, but u are asking for better catering. Do u really lack the logic to see what u asked? Bruh u are embarrassing lmao

You are the one that is whining like a baby and is demanding to be treated as something precious, not me. You are completely on another level of being delusional. Go get a life and do something useful. It’s better than being frustrated over such a small matter. I’m done with you cause you aren’t worth any more time.


U got owned by facts and logic and now u are running away and crying like a baby because u have no comeback? So precious :rofl:

Well the name fits… but it seemingly didnt finish the job. :arrow_upper_left:

Bro, their ass was/is burning because of the bots, ofc they struggle with diffrent tasks atm.
Get some insight of the situation and think.

Nobody cares about you. What happens to everyone else is what matters.


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This is really funny… y guys get what You deserve …keep voting for biden

Stop crying you little wuss

Lol , you do realize that the down times on patches are in the day for EU. While in NA you guys are asleep. So how is it that they love EU?

Its like you put no thought into you’re post.

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Well, if servers after patch are delayed most people in NA are still sleeping… Meanwhile in EU people will have a ruined after work experience… Since release!
Go take a walk and touch some grass, everything is gonna be alright!

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They’re preparing for sex skins