Why does Aura of Resonance potion have a time limmit?

So I just found out my potions of Aura of Resonance have disappeared and then I found out that they only lasted for 7 days. I am heavily dyslexic and with the hundreds of random rewards, boxes and tickets in the game I missed that small line that said 7 days on only this item. Why is this a thing?

Ye, is annoying even in the mailbox are still account for 7 days, so mine is expired in the mailbox have to delete the mail -_-

Oh… I guess I have to check my mailbox :slight_smile: I didn’t even have Chaos Dungeons unlocked back then, so I figured I’d just leave it in the mail to give it another 20+ days…

… and I wasn’t sure what to do now, seeing how I’m hating Chaos Dungeons and the Aura is completely useless anyway.

Another problem that the game solved for me :slight_smile:

LOL why hate chaos? Isn’t it the most fun thing in this game? only take 5 mins :rofl:

It’s always the same, it has to done in a major city (like right now I’m supposed to be in that backwater area up north, which doesn’t have a main city…).

Back then I’d have said it has crappy drops, but I’ve recently unlocked the level 420 version, and it drops “legendary” items.

Or at least I just got a low-quality “legendary” ring, which has quite a boost in int and vit. I don’t currently know what the honing-transfer costs, but if it drops “legendary” pieces that are not Jewelry it might even be worth doing that…
There are also “Outstanding” stones of Birth, but I don’t quite now what things to look for, so these are of limited use right now.

Doing the same rotation for that long is boring af. Once you get the mechanics, it’s just a waste of time attacking a sponge.

When I unlocked them on BRD, at ilvl I timed-out the first run with ~1.9% remaining. Did some honing and beat it with 2m free. Found out the guide I trusted told me the wrong weakness (and I didn’t know the game told us, at the time). So, the next day I went in (had probably +100 ilvl by then) and killed it in <10m. Never returned. Too boring and repetitive.

Did Lumina whatever one next day, 1-shot it in about 6m. That was about 2 weeks ago. Never touched another since.

Ye, all the daily chores are boring in this game, but no choice when f2p, that’s why I don’t alts many, I have 2 level 50 but only log on them when necessary, can’t understand how people handle 6 alts, even just play alts on weekend they said, still is 2 whole days just for alts…

This is why I haven’t claimed it yet. I’ll claim it once I’m 1370.

If it sits in the mail for 7 days it will expire so be careful.

no, I haven’t even claimed it