Why does every post involving the playercount being bots get removed?

Mods need to stop powertripping lol

The more posts you silence about the bots being a good portion of your playerbase, the more people will post about it and believe it.

If it’s not true then simply leave the posts up and stand behind your principles instead of trying to censor everything.

They are annoying, spammy, add zero to the conversation, add nothing to feedback, add nothing to actual progress toward fixing the problem and only exist as an attack and have nothing constructive to add at all.

Trust me, there’s already an endless sea of things to poop on the floor about regarding the game…and if there’s anything truly problematic about bots…its the players buying the gold. Without THOSE players, there would be literally no incentive to ever bot anything.

They’re trying to hide the fact that their inflated player count (that’s decreasing day by day) that they’re boasting about consists of mainly bots.

Can’t help but laugh at AGS pathetic attempts at censorship.


They seem to delete stuff that’s too critical about them, like the post saying that Amazon was not telling Smiltegate the truth about how people were feeling about their changes.


The whole lvl 30 area chat thing will turn off new players as well. It’s not exactly quick to lvl to 30 when you aren’t some Min/Max speed leveling MMO vet. Also if they did this because of the bots then thats even worse as its punishing players for something they had nothing to do with

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Heh I don’t know if you were here for the beta but when I was playing they had the dumbest things censored in chat.

“Phone” & “Jeff Bezos”/“Bezos” were censored