Why does getting disconnected lock you out of content?

I spent a long time on horizontal content, so I just hit 1370 this reset. After a very long day learning to fight Argos, and having multiple groups fail due to people dying constantly, I finally found a group that was capable of killing him.

We blazed through both clock phases, so Argos was well under 30% and all 8 players were alive with plenty of time left. Victory was well within our grasp. Then, Valtan server decided to die and kick a lot of players, disconnecting me in the middle of the Argos fight.

Upon logging back in, the game said I had already claimed rewards, which is completely false. No rewards in my inventory. Why does it lock you out of rewards before you actually claim them? No ticket in mail or anything. I guess at this point, I am just out of luck, so I am now yet another week behind in progression due to server stability.

I am willing to bet this is to discourage players from leaving in the middle, but at this point I am incredibly discouraged. Not only did the server disconnect cause me to lose out on my first ever Argos kill, but it robbed me of any further chance to try again this week. I do not think the game should be locking you out of rewards due to disconnects that are caused by server issues.


very unlucky, u can try opening ticket in amazon games website, this is clearly their fault lol… wish u luck

RIP progression… i am in Valtan server too and i hate this server instability

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Seen other people posting on Reddit and Discord that they basically get told by support that they cannot compensate for losses like this, so hesitant to even try.