Why does it cost pheons to email an alt an item?

Whats the logical reason for this? One alt gets a good stone that would suit an alt. Why do i have to pay a fee to email this to myself?

I can understand some logic of stopping rmt by a general fee but not to characters on the same roster?

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General fee has nothing to do with RMT its to stop AH item flipping.

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Can you explain further? How does charging me a fee to send items between my roster impact auction house flipping and what do you mean by that term. Im not being smart i would honestly like you to explain as i dont pay much attention to this kind of stuff


Why do I have to check the same issue presented by a different user each day?

Remove pheons for roster trading +1


So sg can make more money


This and only this. Any other reason is wrong.


You dont. Its clearly titled no one is forcing you to read or respond.

Just another (real) money sink/paywall for those who don’t have the patience to wait/farm gold.
Multiplying currencies with one or the other always running short when you have everything else is a very old game-design trick to create those “impulse buy” surges in F2P games.