Why does it take longer to matchmake guardians as a support?

I queue for Kungelanium on my paladin and it keeps goin (1/4) then (2/4) then (3/4) then (1/4) and it repeats for like 3 minutes sometimes.

Whenever I queue for Kungelanium as my dps characters it instantly pops.

There is only 1 spot for support in any party and 3 for DPS, so it would mean that algorithm actually tries to complete 3x DPS 1x Support parties.

Someone must have declined and you returned to the end of the queue on your pala.

Is it? I qued with bard, and had another bard in my Team, happend quiet often

It’s way to rhythmic for ppl to have declined that often though. It goes from 1 to 2/3 literally 20-30 times.

I don’t think this statement is true. I matched with both Pala and Bard multiple times.

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Then it’s truly sus why OP is ping-ponged like that while trying to MM :thinking:

I mean I dunno what to tell u man. I just did it like 10 mins ago. I cringed before I pressed that queue button b/c I knew it was coming. Just did it on 4 dps chars before that with instant pops. I always check the premade grps first but there are like 6 groups with a support and maybe 1 or 2 dps looking for another dps.

Yeah, I noticed it too, it’s supports who create lobbies for guardian raids nowadays, same with Deskaluda. Try maybe create lobby yourself as support next time? People apply pretty fast to those.