Why does it take more than 1 person to stop raid, and why do people think holding hostages is OK?

if you fail it at the start you will fail it again at 7x. so better stop the raid right? especially if they are building a car instaed of a bridge

I see why you quit after 1 failed attempt. If you succeed the swamp mech at the start, why would you fail the following one at 75 bars? … I guess it’s not hard to spot 1370 trolls…

i quit after seeing them build a river after 5 attempts. instead of 2 swamps theres a lot for blue agi ups in that spot. But they wont let me leave the raid

Then you’ve never joined a homework raid that turned out to basically be a prog party, or you did but you’re ok with wiping 20 times on a raid that was supposed to be with experienced players.

Some people expect a homework party to be a homework party and don’t want to stay if it isn’t

I do progress raids on valtan week 1 and vykas week 1. We wiped countless times and it took hours and hours and it was fun af learning. The next week I joined another random party and we did all gates in less than a hour with only 3 wipes.

The most funny thing about that? We wiped twice in gate 1 then went on to 1 shot gate 2 and only wipe once in g3 before finishing. Now imagine little fragile cry baby force ended the raid after those first wipes in g1? Could of wasted hours and hours more finding parties that would of probably not even been as good.

Honestly I don’t believe anyone is getting held hostage in valtan or vykas. I am fairly sure you are just a player who has anger issues and wants to instantly quit raids after 2 wipes or seeing someone do a silly mistake once. By reading other whining posts in the forums I have come to understand there are quite a few players like that lol. To be honest I see zero possibility of them not quitting after clown release if they are so triggered by wipes and failed mechanics lol.

Goodluck ever finding a pug in your life that 1 shots clown every week let me tell yah…

wiping from error is different from wiping without knowing the mech.

If only being afk in a raid was a reportable behavior

None of what you replied with has any relevance to the “conversation”. But I use that word loosely.

basically don’t join a group you aren’t willing to dedicate 30 minutes to. You can force a leave, you just won’t be able to join a group for a certain amount of time.

My bad forgot where I am… Let me dumb it down.

Me group wipe 2 times in gate 1. Angry people go rah rah and want to quit after those 2 wipes. But me group happy and strong and then finished all 3 gate with only 3 wipe total saving us hours if we listen to rah rah baby who want to quit and find new party. Me use this example to show having some wipes is fine and not need system that let one rah rah baby force end raid whenever rah rah want.

Was that easier and more relevant for your level on intelligence mr caveman? :slight_smile:

I was being held hostage while doing Valtan run, people didn’t want to quit because they wanned me to carry them, so they kept refusing to stop the raid after we were wiping on most basic stuff.

I started throwing each pull and of course when they realized it’s not going anywhere they decided to quit. All it took was 2 minutes of throwing.

This happened sometimes when I don’t do alt stuff with static. Usually if you politely say you need to leave people will accept that. The one time they didn’t, I basically just said something along the lines of “that’s fine but I’ll be afk, good luck”. Unless a group of 7 other ppl is willing to waste hours of their time they will quickly give up on that idiotic behavior.

Then you are wrong. People should be able to leave for any reason. If a group doesn’t accept that, it’s honestly on them. Why would you want someone in a group who doesn’t want to play with you for any reason? Find another person.

Also it’s not “I get mad at wipes” but rather “This is my 5th alt clear of the week and I need to get this done in 1 hour, not 5.” When you do content enough times you start to realize when a group is going to take way longer than your allotted time for that run. This complaint is usually about parties that are advertised as “reclear” or “speed clear” not “1st time prog”. Obviously you expect to have wipes and possibly spend a lot of time in a first clear group.

Yup this x1000 You can tell on the first pull, not once have I been wrong on my assessment when I chose to stick it out.

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I think some in this thread need to understand the following about pf groups:

Learning party - no one has grasp of raid. Literally to wipe and learn mechs

Prog party - Basic understanding of fight. Maybe has watched guide. Willing to wipe and continue as long as progress is being made.

Reclear party - Has previously cleared content. Expected to have good understanding of mechanics. Some wipes acceptable as long as not glaringly ignorant of mechs.

Experienced party - Should have high knowledge of content and mechs. Should not have problem with easier mechs and basic attacks at all. Some wipe can be acceptable but expected to clear content within reasonable time and attempts.

Homework party - Has mastered the content. Expectation is to one shot or only wipe 1-2 times at best.

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Typically if one of my supps are being held hostage i say “last try for me then and im alt f4 if you dont let me leave”

Its surprising how much better the next pull goes too.

Sad that most supports at end game right now are trash and got carried through content just for being supports. I’ve actually had to kick out more support players than DPS for Vykas. They seem to be quite entitled as well, it’s starting to become really annoying. This support shortage is quite a serious issue that needs at lease a band aid fix since there is no solution.

Imagine charging people to do content with you that you already have to do for your own progress same as them.(Before the :clown_face: s start comparing, this is not equivalent to a bus where someone overgeared clears the content solo while you afk as you’re putting in 100% work/effort to run the content but paying someone else to do the same.)

Why should it allows only 1 person to troll the entire 8 man team?

I so hate this…

Dread this on my paladin as people will intentionally vote no because theyve managed to find a support or 2 and dont wanna risk waiting in queue again. Its annoying as sht and no amount of gear checking can solve it. Also 99% of party finder titles are a lie.