Why does it take so long

i have ongoing bug with masterpieces contacted customer support and its been 1 month still nothing to fix my problem this is so bad i dont know how it flys like this why AGS dont care about stuff like this asked the support some tehnical questions about % drop chance % of ppl that have aquire it and other questions like this noone is infromed and know whats going on evryone just throws the ball to the next one

What’s the issue with masterpieces?

Their CS is by far one of the worst I have experienced ever. Many got caught up in ban wave fiasco as false positive back in latr Feb, none received clear answer on why they received the suspension, just endless cycle of macro messages. Considering how much uproar there was back then, I expected improvement but was proven wrong recently on numerous occasions.

On their support, if you create any ticket, you do not receive a ticket number yet when you try to check status through live chat they ask you for ticket number.

If you use their live chat you are lucky if your CS knows how to type proper English. They are outsourcing to cheap labor countries and they are often worse than Google translate. Good luck trying to get them to understand what your issue is and them trying to get you any information because they will try to blow you off saying they do not have access.

On top of that apparently they had an actual call center but got shut down after Lost Ark release according to livechat. So you get a rather completely useless livechat who cannot understand you, let alone help, whose only positive quality is that they are on 24/7 to be useless.

Their appeal process is a joke because they ask you to provide evidence but will not tell you why you are experiencing a suspension.

Oh and their email response often come in a shamble where they mix templates for copy pasta, suggest posting on forum, and give you call request link that connects you to Amazon CS which cannot even transfer you to AGS because they shut that line down.

Considering how fantastic Amazon and Prime support is, the CS experience many including myself have experienced thus far is just purely horrid. It is even below industry average, and gaming industry CS does not have a high bar to begin with.

Worst part is when they send you an email with the signature “Earths most customer centric company” when the reality is that they treat us like shit and pay minimal capital to outsource non English speakers who are not even trained and have no interest in helping customers.