Why does Kung matchmaking give people such bad memory?

When i do a party finder kung group, every person remembers to phero without fail,

in matchmaking 1 person always seems to forget, in every single run one person usually a person with rainbow stats and not even 3 x 3 forgets.

i had one person forget to phero 1, then after we called him out he said he would do p2, but guess what he “forgot” again.

amazing, you have to wonder what AGS are doing to make people suffer such memory loss in this raid.

MM doesn’t have any rules to it. Players abusing the vote kick feature to force their “community rules” on players is the issue and should be bannable. Use Party Finder if you want people to use x battle items. MM is to join random players you are matched with and clear the content without any specific conditions, which you can apply if you use PF.

Personally I only use PF, but if I do mm on rare occasions, I expect nothing from random people as it could be a new player who doesn’t have battle items or don’t know any “community enforced standards”, someone who’s waiting for Lost Ark 2, someone with 0 engravings, etc. If you expect anything specific from MM, that’s a you problem, and not the other players.


You will forget about Kungas mm once you hit that matchmaking button on Caliligos


When you join a group that specifically states they are going to do something and went out of there way to join a party to find other likeminded players also willing to do that something being asked you are surprised these players do that something?

You didn’t join matchmaking with any such prior agreements with anybody, you got queued up with 3 other random players who may or may not want to do something, or even anything at all.

That is why you join MM if you want to just roll the dice on a smooth run and you join PF if you want a more controlled experience.

unless the person said he will do it and he wont.

Now if u say u do something and u dont, sure - but u apologise, if u forgot. If not, ur not very nice person

I’m not gonna lie, I got so bored when i was running Kung every day that most of the time I forgot as well lol. Plenty of times i covered for another or they covered for me simply because we zoned out during the fight and forgot.

Maybe the boredom of all these dailies causes brain damage.

Most people you run into in MM aren’t trying to make the fight longer out of malice, they want in and out just as you want in and out.

Don’t reply to me on this text based platform if you can’t read.

Keep your uninformed opinions to yourself, it’s annoying to have them directed at me…

Everyone here defending it is cheap. They want others to use battle items and they call at start so others carry them ans dont boot them then “forget” convieniently.


I always do matchmaking and I’ve never seen a person miss a phero on kung outside of one rare occurrence when they were frozen at the time

Maybe I’ve just been lucky

If u want Chill and dont complain runs : MM

If u want “fast” and complain runs : PF

so many threads 3 months Monkey spam inc :smiley:


thats your fault for not kicking him on spot / leaving if kick fails

I’ve mentioned many times on these forums that describing yourself negatively is an unhealthy habit.

People enforce stupid rules. I got kicked once for using Destruction bombs for phase 1 of the fight after people didn’t follow the party order rule. So now I solo every run. The rules are worthless so I’m not gonna bother. Game’s eating shit anyway.

lol, naw, make your own group if you don’t want to follow community rules.

If I follow your reasoning, since I’m part of the community I can create my own rules and impose them on others, since that’s what you do with other players.

I been pugging kung since release and have rarely had these issues in MM. It is a bit strange that ppl on the forums always do

it’s always ags fault for people fucking up

next thing you know you wiping in clown would be your governments fault

i matchmake kungel on 2 of my characters and there is the odd case of someone not using phero or corro but it’s not a case of “forget” it’s a case of “not wanting to use it”

Those who die without using a potion or those who don’t use a feather after dying, those who don’t have an opti, those who don’t have lv.7 gems, those who don’t have the right card sets, those that don’t play the right classes, those that aren’t lv.150 roster. We should kick all that, so we will stay between us, elitists and toxic.

Maybe its a euw thing but happens me constantly. I did 4 kung runs yesteday in mm.

I usually wait until end and just do what option is left.

As usual we load in and one person insta flares bexause they cheap.

So next person says p1. The next runs on and says nothing. I say what you want. He doesnt respond they trigger the boss so i equip corro say corro and go to boss. Person didnt use phero.

Next one. Insta flare one person calls p1.
We go i do corro again as thats whats left.

P1 comes and no phero. I ask people to warn them for vote kick but one player refuses to warn so we dont get to kick.

Next one insta flare. Corro and p2 called so i p1. P2 forgets were pinging the boss before he goes under and nothing. Then says “oops” after

I cant believe how cheap people are i use battle items in all alts in all raids and i still have hundreds of selection boxes still.

We got 100 free boxes at new year and people still wont use it. I cant comprehend that level of cheap

Its not elite to expect people to contribute. Its not like only elite players have potions or corros. They literally gave 100 boxes of each at new year for free.