Why does Kung matchmaking give people such bad memory?

Show me someone who has been banned for it.

They won’t ban players for using in-game tools as intended.

I never had problem with matchmaking, well besides the rarely some one who misses to use a item, but it never hinder the killing of the turtle.

In the last month the average time i expend on Kunge Runs is around 4 mins.

The guy think there’s rules in MM. :rofl:

I’ve 20 characters but I alternate doing GR/CDs only with rested and only one a day on maybe 10 chars at most

Works out the same as someone doing 2 GR/CDs a day on all 5 characters.

CDs are far more satisfying with rested anyway, loot actually rains

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You will understand soon when you have to run kung on 6 characters a day or more x7 days a week.
No point answering your question now because you will not understand nor agree with the answer.

Nobody runs x6 kung anymore, my man.

No they won’t but when they abuse it (kicking for not using a battle item) They do ban people!


That’s not abuse according to the CM post I choose to agree with.

Here’s my source:

Almost sounds like he’s responding directly to you.

LOL because that will make it the official rule! It doesn’t matter what you go by it’s what they want. You do what you wish and i’ll keep reporting who abuse it and in the end we are both happy!

I literally posted the CM’s response, mate. I guess you can’t read though.

To be clear, I’ve never kicked someone from guardians for not using items, I just don’t think its an abuse of the system. I only use Party Finder.

It most certainly is I’ve reported people for kicking and gotten responses back that it was abuse and that they would take care of the offending people!

They probably did take care of the offending people, by throwing the report right in the trash.

That’s not what the email said that they sent me back!

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At this point, I just MM the ice turtle. I have enough destruction on my character to break his shell solo, so I just throw pheromone when it’s needed. I just assume no one else will do it. YMMV.

Well, I’ve reported hundreds of bots and never gotten a response, so I guess they just don’t ban any?

Probably because the bots aren’t abusing the warn/kick system!

But they are breaking the terms of service, so surely they should be getting banned as well?

They do once they get reported!

But the support didn’t email me back about it, so I guess not?