Why does our grudge engravings cost the same as KR? 🤔

We don’t even have the same level of gold inflation but ours engravings are literally the same price if not more sometimes

supply and demand, thats the basic concept of economics if u have learnt it in ur high school.

plus inflation of course

In kr most people already have it thats why

bcuz of broken economy made by bots and whales, ignored by the game developer and publisher

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Inflated accelerated by 10000x

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A combination of supply and demand and bot generated inflation.

Basically: Everyone knows it’s going to be required to get 20 eventually on their account. (Unless you are pure support player.) Thus those who get drops can charge whatever they like for the books that do drop.

But, there’s a basic principle of ‘people aren’t likely to pay more than it goes for in KR’ that most are aware of. So we end up with roughly the same costs.

Bots set up to snipe any book below that cost may also be a factor (See NA West Great Honor Leapstones for an example of bot based price fixing.) in this.

Bot generated gold is a significant factor in inflation in general, which applies to long term investments like this as well.


I mean once all the RMTers and whales get their grudges prices will drop a lot

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Ngl i hope bots find a way to spam the Bridge that way i will be able to afford any legendary engraving lmao

True and real

Everyone hopes this.

True, Engraving books are a limited market since each account only ever needs 20 of a given engraving. Given how many ‘dead’ engravings there are, the process doesn’t happen inside of a month. But as you pointed out, eventually those who can/are willing to pay KR prices will run out and either the price goes down or it starts becoming less and less profitable to have a market bot keep sniping books that don’t retail.

I’m pretty sure the issues with the market on NAW are tied to having too many bots sniping the market for some goods, constantly refreshing the market status.

Well that just makes my assumption funnier.

Becuse kr has had years to finish their engraving books and most players dont need to buy them anymore… suply and demand… also abit of inflation on top of that…

Lower supply and higher demand so it’s much more xD expensive