Why does people rage and cry when they get stomped on pvp island?

i dont get it they all ask “plz let me do my quest” … like it’s a decent thing to do ? to not oneshoot them ? B…b…ut where is the fun ? and the river of tears because it’s “unfair” ? :smiley:


Even if the game allows you to do so because it is a pvp island, I think its psychopathic act to kill a player over and over who is just trying to do their quest


the fun is in fighting geared people that wants to fight


well, it’s an mmo, and i’m standing there, they could call anyone to clear the way, meanwhile :!d

Well, good luck with your 12 years old edgy mentality


This is same person who was complaining about toxic community because they get gear shamed with their endurance set


it says a lot that you didn’t get enough attention from the people you’re killing in-game, you have to bring it to the forums as well.


if you find fun to one shot players 1000 ilvls under you, then go ahead, enjoy your narcissistic fun because, as your intellect level, those low leveld players are the only players you can kill. bet if a player same ilvl as you attacks you, you run to ur momma crying rivers.


Because PVP islands and GVG is about as balanced as 3 wheeled transfer truck.


You didn’t invent griefing. Next.

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Stalking them like an eagle, waiting for a prey.

nvm. your ilvl is so low that even with my alt i can kill you. nothing more to say if you want attention. cya

The only one I see raging and crying here is the OP. Says everything really.

he is not even 1415 :rofl: or 1370. that glow is +14 or +15. ppl took seriously what this person said on other threads lmao

Seems Like a Case For Justin Timberlake

Because some people dont care about PvP and simply want to go get their quest and collectibles done.
If you wanna be that kind of person go ahead, but dont try to act cool on the forums over it with such an overrated mentality.


sry bro but i’m playing the game, and enjoying it, keep dying, i mean crying, it please me :smiley:

I do PVP islands as often as I can because the pvp xp you get means you need to run less TDM each week to maintain Supreme 7.

They are totally unbalanced, totally unfair and most people would have more fun crawling into a wasps nest than to keep going to them.

It’s what makes them so great, just stack Bleed runes and lol.

get to 1415 man. my bard alt gonna one shot you if find you on that island. you gonna cry rivers

you have a condition called : Schadenfreude seek urgent help

I mean ive already gotten my PvP island stuff very early in the game to avoid horribad players like you, so im good. No crying on my side, atleast i didnt make a thread on the forums to brag about it like uh…you.