Why does people rage and cry when they get stomped on pvp island?

Can you point me to the raging and crying OP? I cant see it, so I just assume its all in your head

logically speaking though, if a t1 char is just trying to do the quest for shits and giggles nuking them a couple of times i can understand. But just standing there and constant nuking, thats actually “YOU” deliberately being toxic to others, thats griefing. You want PVP u can always join the battleground, people are itching for pvp there ? why don’t you join the battleground ? or do you take pleasures only killing people you know can’t fight back ? what’s the logic we are going at here ?

he plays the forums since his ilvl is less than 1415 or 1370 :rofl: making 100 threads / day for attention

I requiere nutriment, tears are delicious, and it’s the best way to harvest them !

The game is free to play. Free to play players are probably the ones who do this everyday. Just play the game free to play.

Damn, then I’m so sorry… for everyone that knows him in real life

you do realize you can get banned if people mass report you ? right ? or are you not aware of that ? no more tears after that !!!

OP is just a troll anyway just ignore him

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1370 ilvl, he has nothing to lose :rofl:

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actualy, nope, i’m using the intended content of the game. aka pvp island beeing Free for all pvp on, you cant even do anything :smiley:

That’s all I see

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ye, thats what he does all day. Lost Ark Forums :rofl:

today he complained about people with +20 weapons being rmters just because his ilvl is under 1415 and he can’t afford to spend money or he doesnt know how to play :rofl:

never saw an mmo with a toxic community as that, clearly OP is helping the game to be less toxic lmfao.

that was a nice thread bro 1389 insane endurance Sorc

maybe he needs to farm some ingame mats or make alts instead of picking on noobs and complaining about low ilvl

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Not today, today i’m roleplaying gandalf



no you’re roleplaying cringe


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Do you know where Chuuni-Personalities end? In the gutter :wink: Reference: Omniscient Readers Viewpoint.

:laughing: pvp happened on pvp island. The great thing is you can get some friends to go kill them if you need to.