Why does sitting in queue take up so many resources?

This. The title and the picture. Please for the love of god optimize the server selectin screen.

The 3-6 hour long queue does not concern me. The fact that sitting here and staring at this for that long makes my PC sound like an airplane about to take off does.

Thanks for hearing me out and I would appreciate any suggestions that could help with this issue. Rant over.

You have Destiny 2 running there as well…

did you even look at the image? theyre not complaining that their cpu is at 99%, theyre complaining that lost ark takes up 45% of the cpu just from sitting in que

on newer pc’s, not a prob…

That doesn’t excuse inefficient programming. “Storage drives and PCs have tons of unused resources, who cares.” We build them this way for multitasking, not to compensate for lazy programmers.