Why does the Korean client look so much better/smoother than NA?

Why does the Korean client look so much better/smoother than NA?

Started noticing this after watching some streamers play on KR and I thought my game settings were messed up but they weren’t. Asked in a couple peoples chats and they said KR client is better, but why? Is it because LA is on steam? Or did Amazon somehow mess it up? It really sucks because the game looks and feels clunky comparing it to KR. Not to mention the font looks 10x better in KR.

Would there be any chance we get an updated client or just some performance updates? Or the option the changed font or outright change it. Also as of the update on Thursday there has been a lot more stutters and it seems I’m not the only one experiencing them.

Anyways I was just hoping if anyone knew why the client looks/play differently and your thoughts on it.


My cpu usage is higher on our version vs KR

I’ve heard speculation it’s Amazon’s useless anticheat program. Dunno if that’s really true though.

We are on an old version of the game.

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Old as in like actual program/client or just progress/content? I know we are on an older version of the game but I still think if there’s a better client performance wise they would be able to give us that.

Western bloated code

This. Older as in older version. Not just in content, but actual game engine.


Okay thanks for clarification! I hope we can get the updated engine soon then.

Older engine plus Easy Anti-Cheat.

But it’s so bad. But I understand that they cannot “copy-paste” the newer functions in the current build. We just have to wait for the latest build versions

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This Easy (anti)-Cheat system should be deleted complety, it doesnt work anyways and only slow down everything

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