Why does the Support not have the tools?

Here is the thing! Second time and second week my game crashes, and i dont get a re-entry ticket!

So i thought i might as well contact the Support for help!

Was told that the Amazon Support is not there to help in any form of compensations or anything
(like manually add the ticket or smth)

But the support will only provide information regarding the game and nothing else.

Directed me to the Korean support since they have tools to help out in these situations…

My question is then. WHY have Amazon not been provided these kind of tools (ACP) so that they could help out players more than just give them a no and then move on.

I thought the support was the ones that should help in these situations?

And why should Korean Support help out in the EU region? like what?

Seriously Amazon are acting like they where created yesterday?

I suggest to talk to Smilegate so u get provided these tools and stop acting like clowns

It’s just another layer of filter to reduce needing to take action.

1st layer → Automatic replies
Most people give up with this
2nd layer → outsourced CS office
Deflect/stall/the action was merited
3rd layer → outsourced CS office pt2
“We’ll forward your concern to our team of moderators”
4th layer → outsourced CS office pt3
Actually forwards your concern to the moderator team and gives support ticket number
5th layer → Never got this far, been told in a previous layer that you’ll never come into contact with one of these moderators anyway.