Why doesn't South America have regional pricing?

Let’s gather some facts:

  • Our servers are isolated from other servers, which means you can’t trade items bought in South America in other regions like North America or Europe;
  • As of today, there are no server or region transfers, that is why AGS/Smilegate had to give away power passes when they created the second European region, and because of that, players who buy items from the cash shop while in South America, cannot migrate to other regions;
  • You cannot use VPN’s to emulate being in other regions (or even to get better routing);

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Let me show you something interesting:
These are the cash shop prices I get on SA + my premium currencies (as you can see I have 600 golden and 5 blue crystals):

And here are some screenshots of me logging into a different region:

  • Switching fom SA to NA I get this prompt
  • Here are my premium currencies when in NA

Some might think this means I can exploit the fact my golden crystals transfer over regions, however there are the prices I get on the NA shop:

They are the exact same I get in SA, which means the price is bound to the Steam region of the account, and in case you don’t remember it is against both Steam’s and AGS’s TOS to use VPNs to get cheaper prices.

What I don’t get is the reason for prices to be set in stone given the fact we use Steam to process payment. So instead of using the dolar to local currency exchange rate we get these prices.

As of today U$1 is equivalent to R$ 4,97 meaning the 10 dolar pack should cost R$49,73:

However as seen above it costs R$ 56,99 meaning the exchange rate is R$ 5,69 for every dolar, which mean we are being overcharged for some 15%.

I could make the argument for using the regional pricings Steam offers already, which is around R$3,00 for every dolar (that is the exchange rate of the Final Fantasy XIV subscription) but I think the very least we deserve is the dolar exchange rate (which is what Square Enix charges for their premium shop, meaning we convert dolar to real when buying things like mounts, appearance changes and server transfers on the Mogstation).

I would ask you to, at the very last use Steam’s system to convert dolar to reais. That is a middle of the road solution if you don’t want to implement a regional pricing policy.



at least its 1:4 in S.A :joy: in my case its 1:16 :sweat_smile:

Regional pricing is a scam. If you can’t afford to pay what the rest of us do, that is a you problem.

We are paying 115% of what you are paying bro, did you even read the post?

Actually, you didn’t read it at all, because I have even stated in there that, if they are not going to use regional pricing to make it more affordable for our region we should at least get the real price, which would be the convertion of dolar to regional currency.

And last thing, do you even know what a “scam” is? Why would regional prices be one? Enlighten us

Sucks to suck

Simple, Royal Crystals are region wide and people will abuse this, they already abused founders package at first and most of these are people like the person above mentions “Can afford to pay”

So basically, rip

:wink: clown