Why doesn't the Tripod update include EQUIPPED effects?

I have the benefit of having stayed informed about the upcoming changes, because I’ve been actively playing and seeking out details about what to expect, so I’ll be totally fine next week. However, I can’t help but imagine how it would feel to be a more casual player or even a “hardcore” player who simply had to take a break around this time for whatever reason.

The problem I see here is that there’s a potential for a player to lose the Skill Tree Effects that they’re already using if they haven’t previously taken action to prevent it. A player who wasn’t aware that this change was coming may very well never have encountered any reason to keep the Skill Tree Inventory up-to-date at all, since it doesn’t affect gameplay in any way after transferring effects to the equipped gear (unless you’re using the tabs for multiple builds via Integrated Preset, which I assume is quite uncommon).

That means if someone was actively playing a month or two ago and used some amount of powder, silver, and possibly even gold and pheons to improve their equipped tripods, all of the progress from that investment could disappear in next week’s update. Would it not be far more intuitive that they’d keep the effects they already had active?

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Playing devil’s advocate here, but it was probably a coding issue or something that prevented Smilegate from doing what we all feel is the reasonable route. Who knows? But this is how they decided to do it, all other regions have done it before us, and now it is our turn. The most we can do is try and prepare for it like others have and be done with it.

With it being a week until the changes take effect, I highly doubt that Smilegate will crunch just to make changes to how the system recognizes and transfers tripods for our region. It is what is.


They should have given amulets for all the tripods on equipment with 100% rate.
There’s a system in place for that when balance patches happen, they could have applied it with this update also.


Because the tripod update includes changes to the way you apply levels to your chosen tripods. Instead of being on gear, it will be in your skill tree (same as when you set up book of coordination). I imagine from coding perspective, it’s much easier just removing everything on gear than trying to fiddle with how to transfer tripods on gear for the selected people that it will affect.

lol just be thankfull u get tripods from inventory for free, i mean wtf with people they can just raise chances and give u some amulets with default chance xD


Lol reading is too difficult apparently. XD

I would say that the devs were lazy or greedy. If it would take into account the current equipped gear tripods it would be more work to implement and it would mean people would need 1 less tab to save the tripods they need.

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Yes, because you are a developer and you know how these things work, right?

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I am a dev. I don’t work on games but I do work with software. Sure I can’t tell you how much work it would be to take into account tripods from equipped gear since I don’t know their code, but I can tell you for sure it would be more work. Might be 5 min more, might be days more. No idea. But certainly more work.

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imagine if they tried it, they broke something in the code and everyone lost all their tripods anyway :cold_face:

That’s why testing is a thing. You don’t have to imagine what would happen, you test it and see if it does work.


honestly, they have a great game design but their programmer are below average from all i can see.

I totally agree. Boss design, art direction, combat are great. But then you see that the LA client only recently got DX11 support, their backend does not scale in the cloud (hence why we have EU and NA split into 2 server regions each) and their implementation of EAC is horrible.


RU LOA developed their own anti cheat for lost ark. While it does interfere with the performance n all its not as bad as EAC. Id hope someone like Amazon/AGS would put in the resources to do something similar. But nup!

RU has it’s onw dev team. Global does not. AGS has no devs working on LA. It’s up to SG to fix those things.

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Hence why i said AGS should pay for it [and have SG develop it]. Ofc its never gonna happen but yeah

Because that is simply how the new system transfers over.

You got the forums, you have a banner in game, you have friends, discords, YouTube, streamers, all for months now telling you this.

So those that missed it or didn’t bother to listen are going to have to redo some tripods, sucks for them but it is what it is.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I know I just read that line and it made me laugh is all, wasn’t calling you out or anything homie

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Sorry about that, but you know how some people are in here xD

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