Why Doesn't Vykas Indicate Who Messed up Typing

I’m not perfect i’ll admit i’ve failed once or twice but it should indicate who failed it. Why isn’t there an indicator for this?

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Fix your title:P

Should be why does Vykas doesnt indicate…

It doesnt because it would create needless toxicity btw


Thanks i fked up typing :kissing_closed_eyes:

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This from my experience hardly ever wipes raids. No point in adding toxicity to it for when someone has an off night.


I mean if 1 person is constantly messing it up i think that brews more toxicity because the group starts to get big mad. If you allowed the group to continue without 1 person constantly messing it up it would probably make for a better experience for everyone.

The person constantly messing it up can practice and do better next time.


i’m not saying 1 mess up and kick but like lets say you do this 10 times and 10/10 he messes up that’s not fair to everyone else in raid though.

That’s why we get 4 fails for the raid wipe. Not wiping doesn’t mean you should fail, but I think it as a hospitality towards people who actually can’t do it. I believed people get better in time but after watching Asmon’s second channel in Zackrawrr I completely changed my mind. He was struggling so much. LOL. :joy:

There is an indicator to know, if someone failed the typing.
I don’t remember the exact details, but the quick flash of the map and the boss after the second typing, before the “final” cutscene of the typing mechanic starts has a difference.

There is a site where you can practice. If you are having some trouble take 5-10 mins and practice it for the sake of the other people.

And you can only have 3 fails 4th one is a wipe.

but we wanna know names when theres person who ALWAYS f!ck up you dont have 3 more chances but 2 instead

if everyone succeeds usually vykas is staggered. if a few fail she will be stood up casting the aoe damage. if too many fail its a wipe

Yes, I’ve posted the website on the forum when Vykas released.
So far I haven’t failed once. Thankfully we never had anyone covered in red goo to make the typing game difficult. :melting_face:

Yeah, it’s really fair towards the raid atm. Gives those who are unable a chance to improve.

I think it was you who posted the emulator and Ive managed to become even faster on it. Thank you.

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The whole purpose of me sharing was to help. I’m so happy to hear that it helped. :smiley:

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The reason why many players who are normally fluent typists (e.g. no look perfect or almost perfect 60+ characters/min typing) have trouble with this mechanic is -

  • there is significant difference typing words vs. gibberish strings of letters

  • some players can do both equally well, not saying otherwise. But read threads and toxic comments both on forum and in game about ‘boomers’ or ‘retards’ …”that can’t type” and these toxic aholes don’t realize it’s not solely issue of being able to type or not

  • many people would ace this mechanic if the gimmick was type same number of letters but as a standard word (e.g. alphabet, snacking, etc)

  • typing words fluently and quickly is ingrained muscle memory for anyone that has grown up with either computer, iPad, or even old school typewriter. Sure some typos happen, but far, far less than gibberish strings with no muscle memory (qesadwqq).

Not an issue for me other than occasional typo mistake for this mechanic, but tbh, it would be lot more fair and less rng if smilezon simply used whole words as the needed input to pass mechanic vs gibberish strings

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it’s exactly same with this. People may not be trained by default but it’s just 6 letters. Muscle memory works perfectly and you don’t need to be super fast here.

Whoever can’t do it can train it outside the game. Spend there 10 or 30 minutes and you everyone should be fine.

From my experience observing people their biggest mistake is they are trying to type it as fast as they can and that leads to typos all the time. While like any other typing the constant speed is the best. Even when you think you know the next letter, keep the speed constant, like metronom. Everyone passed it with this.

Incorrect - muscle memory does NOT work here unless for some bizarre reason you’ve learned gibberish strings when learning to type.

Normal typing muscle memory includes all the familiar strings of letter pairs, triplets, and prefix / suffixes. E.g. qu, ter, wer, ing, etc

E.g qu letter pair for common words like quiet, quick, etc.

There are no standard, habitual words we type as a norm that ingrains muscle memory to type gibberish strings like qq, qqe, qsa, etc. There are no common words that use these pairs, triplets, or longer sequences of letters.

So not only does this mechanic gimmick not use standard learned muscle memory letter pairs and sequences, but actively goes against muscle memory because as a norm we are subconsciously trained to never double hit QQ for example.

Again, I’ve no issue if devs think a non classical typing test is the game challenge they want to give us. I am simply pointing out why many people who are otherwise completely fluent typists and grew up with keyboard their whole lives have trouble with a test that a) does not re-use existing typing experience, and b) actively uses letter sequences that specifically gos against trained muscle memory


I don’t think making words would be healthy the game gives you ample time to input 6 or 7 letters whatever it is.

Its to see who can keep calm and put these letters in. Lets not nerf an already nerfed boss which is in my opinion fairly easy.

Here Here, im one of them.
Im a pretty Fast Typer.

But this Mechanic is the Worst in the Game 4 me.

Gimme Words, even more letters then you need now, and im gonna 99,9% not fail it.
I can use 2 hands and Muscle Memory.
but this eqsdqae s* , is freaking me out. Doable, but annoying.

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Its just to prevent toxicity.
Same as why they are never implementing DPS meters.

Smilegate has a vision that this would be a game with a happy community and minimal toxicity, catering to casuals.

Whether that has worked, well… that’s for you to decide.

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