Why don't I move to a lowpop server

Made a list so you can see why players like me complain and suffer thru a 6hour queue rather than play on a lowpop server:

  • Promotional stuff from twitch or whatever sources are bound to server and a one-time claim. We simply cannot get stuff on a different server even tho account roster is separate. This includes twitch cosmetics, mounts, pets and your new package for early players.
  • Character names are locked to characterID and cannot be reused even on the same account. We just simply cannot delete geared characters to use the same name on a server that is actually playable because then it goes on a 60day lock. Support also refuses to release the locked name or just swap names between 2 of your characters even if you have namechange tickets for it
  • Friend list is not cross-server but dungeonfinder is?

Personally I’d love to play on a lowpop server on the same region but I cannot even do it because even if I do some tinkywinky shit to get a full account data wipe I still wouldn’t be able to claim stuff again and use my own names. On top of that support is also unable or unwilling to help with any of these because there is a feature in KR that we might get in 2 years

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