Why don't Israel get the game launch? we are part of europe

Hello, I am here to talk about the the lock in israel.

Israel is literally a part of the EU and lost arc MUSN’T be locked for us, and there’s no doubt were a part of the European Union, you can see where ever about complains because of “lost arc locking down israel because its not a part of the EU” but you need to check yourselves if that’s correct or not, its no one’s fault but yours, were like literally SO CLOSE to turkey / greace / cyprus. why are we not getting a launch on israel then?.

us Israelians have EU as our servers and pings, my ping is always about 60-70 sometimes even below and that only makes me RAGE that your not counting us as EU.

Geographically and politically speaking, Israel is a middle eastern country by every metric, not European. It’s also not a part of the European Union either.

The reason they don’t allow it is because of licensing issues that are outside Amazon Game Studios hands. So even if they want, and I’m sure they really want, to add new countries to it, they are legally not allowed to open the game for those regions.

The specifics are unknown if it’s a smilegate issue or a legal issue within the country (like the Netherlands) but there’s no estimate for new regions at the moment outside the ones already coming from smilegate (for example, Taiwan)

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