Why drip feed classes as "Content"?

I honestly dont get what is keeping them from releasing all playable classes?

So many of us are forcing our self to play / invest into characters that we have little to no desire too. Outside of working on “Account” stuff to better the starting ground for your main when its released, (Which we have no idea when that will be, Could be 2 days, Could be 6 months) There is virtually no other reason to log in.

All the time, Money, Materials invested into these characters who are just going to be tossed to the side, Never to be played again… Its demoralizing the more you sit and think about it. Like what am I actually doing here with my time?

Right now it seems my better option is going to be to wait for the class to be released and catch up mechanics. Otherwise Im going to burn out and have zero desire to play when the class is finally released.


Honestly believe this should be of up most importance and focus for the team over anything else. Im sure I cant be the only person feeling the way that I am…

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No one really knows if its actually 2-3 months new classes or they will release them all in 2-3 month or try best soon as ready even Korean people are fighting over the translational so we don’t really know. The 2-3 month new classes makes no sense because it would take like a year to get them all out