Why EUC servers aren’t locked yet?

How comes you guys introduce EUW to lift some weight from EUC but leave EUC unlocked so anyone can create new characters meaning more queues? Even though we all know that people won’t just abandon their progress, it’s most likely they will abandon the game when it gets to that point(which isn’t far from other threads I have read).

How is that helping anyone really?
Only completely new players that just started on EUW get to experience the full potential of smooth gaming (which is how it should be for everyone if the servers were set up properly since you had all the numbers and data you needed, it’s always better to overdeliver than underdeliver :))
How about everyone that got a head start including both founders and f2p?

So many updates and maintenance and the main issue which are the queues is only getting worse…
Let’s not get into detail regarding dungeons in game lag etc…

I know it’s not fun for anyone having to complain or for the mods having to read all these threads… but the “thread” is coming to an end and people are not here for it…

I really do hope for a miracle at this point… since “there is nothing more we can do due to the complexity of the game/servers or whatever…


Too many people cried they couldnt play with friends so they unlocked them again.

Now no one can play with friends cause no one can get online at the same time anymore cause of queues and broken MM (which is apparently fixed now, been in queue for 3 hours so not able to try it yet, but at the expense of greater queues again).


Yeah it really sucks. I move to EUW and i feel so unmotivated to continue since I had progress. Yes i may didn’t reach to level 50 but i collect everything… and all of that is thrown to the trash… i can actually play on EUC only in the early in the morning because then there is no one.

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Well you were forced to move and it’s sad… imagine you feel this way even though you didn’t have a massive progress in the game, you still lost a lot of time that you contributed…

And that’s why people will big progress will never change regions unless they finally let them transfer their accounts…


yes and i think that’s a very good idea. it’s probably hard to make this option for people to transfer their accounts but not impossible. i wonder if they will add this option because if they would wait for it.
i literally got to almost 100% in 2 parts in the adventurer’s tome.

They have opened servers 2 times at least. First there were 10-12k in the queue, after then they gave in to pressure and 15k, they were reopened a second time and now 20-25k.

A long awaited game, but the experience is being horrible.

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close EUC to new players/bots now PLEASE!!! +4 hours in queue and i asked wife to login at 14.30!

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the originals server should have been closed during launch and remain closed till the new region was ready.

the question now is, what’s the plan? because seems there’s none. don’t give me that bs answer “we are working on it” cuz if you are, tell me what are the options you are working on

Exactly, it feels like we walking in blind… imagine we queue everyday for hours to play only for the queues to become bigger day by day and then they will say there is nothing that can be done…

How is that viable and fair I wonder…

They are going to get a lot of people to leave the game, and not speak well of it.

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